2007 — 19 June: I can't go back to savoury now...

The title (I suspect) of "John Shuttleworth's" new single. That's the BBC 6Music breakfast show for you. Bring back Phill Jupitus. <Sigh>

Today's delivery should make a change from DVDs and books (or verse), being a load of top soil from Her favourite supplier, Wickes. And I have no excuse for not being the one to hump it around. <Sigh>

At least I'm now getting to some of the absolutely classic1 CDs, having ripped my way through ten and a half boxes of the things. 1,216 and counting.

Just found a lovely quote (I suspect, in "The Atheist's Bible" edited by Joan Konner — my source is actually a review of this book by Carlin Romero here) to accompany the ones I already had here from Denis Diderot:

Civilization will not attain to its perfection until the last stone from the last church falls on the last priest!

Émile Zola



1  Beatles, Neil Young, Roger Waters, Spirit, Joni Mitchell et many al.