2007 — 18 June: late Monday...

I must say that, for a pond that isn't a pond, our pond is now (after still more overnight rain) starting to look remarkably pond-like. Which, given the two tonnes of so of pea-shingle I've shovelled into it, is a bit disheartening:


Further Amazonian dispatches... department

Good morning, Mr Postie. You're a bit early, surely; what'cha got there?

I've been trying this zany theory that US TV series that get good reviews and promptly cancelled aren't always rubbish...1

A chap could quite easily go mad ripping CDs, I've decided. Score to date: 1157.



1  In evidence, I offer the superb Carnivale. Sadly, I also own a number of counter-examples but (like any intelligent proponent of Intelligent Design) I'm keeping quiet about those.
For any reader who's been asleep... Intelligent design, or ID, is a modern form of creationism cleverly constructed to circumvent the many court decisions that have banned, on First Amendment grounds, the teaching of religious views in the science classroom. ID has shed many of the trappings that once cost creationists scientific and legal credibility, including explicit reference to God and the ludicrous idea that the Earth is only about ten thousand years old. Instead, God has been replaced by an unspecified "intelligent designer." Besides making the usual shopworn criticisms of evolutionary theory, IDers contend that some features of life are too complex to have evolved, and so required celestial intervention.
Mind you, how else can one explain the evolution of, say, Tony Blair?