Notes from a semi-conscious non-bicameral mind...

This ¬blog began as a simple retirement hobby.

If you step inside (click the button above) you're very welcome to wander at your leisure by clicking the "Next" and "Back" buttons that you'll see. My regrettable footnote habit was already well-established 40 years ago. All part of what dear Mama saw as my "butterfly" mind.1

Bicameral? To save you slogging through Julian Jaynes to look for a definition, here's a sideswipe at it from the (satirical) Philosophical Lexicon:



These daily jottings help me track the astonishing rate at which Time whizzes by!

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On a personal note

Christa and I had no retirement plans beyond enjoying our time together, which was sadly just a year before her second cancer finally killed her. Here's my text from her funeral service. Plus some brief thoughts on our marriage and on "picking up the pieces".

I now firmly believe Life can only be understood backwards — if, indeed, it can be understood at all. But back on that day in September 1974 when I cheerfully answered "I do" to the bit about "Until death us do part"... I hadn't got a clue! Still, we both agreed we'd happily "do it all again" except for the final couple of months.


1  I'm sure it was never intended as a compliment, but that's how I choose to interpret it — I like the idea of colourful butterflies flitting around. Besides, "The test of interesting people is that subject matter doesn't matter".