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In a probably fruitless attempt to discourage e-mail harvesting, feel free to reach me at the obfuscated:

I initially got rid of most of the incoming spam by switching in August 2007 to an ISP in Texas with very effective spam filters. My next ISP, despite keeping its servers in that same fine state, seemed more affected by spam — or the volume of it has increased yet further. So I'm now using Google Mail behind the scenes. (The spam detection is excellent, and they are less likely to suffer from domain black-listing after some idiot manages to subvert some of their kit and turn it into a spam factory.) What a stupid species. I wouldn't mind so much if the spammers paid less attention to the (apparently) all-important membrum virile and its chemical enhancement.

Why "molehole"?

I was an official ("management-approved") mole1 at the IBM Hursley Park2 (UK) software laboratory for a couple of years in the early 1990s. (The mole sat in on meetings, reporting them directly and uncensored to the troops on an earlier version of the IBM intranet.) So when the question of domain name registration first cropped up, other inspiration failed. Simple, really.

A message to people who email asking for copies of "stuff"

I receive occasional requests for copies of various audio and video items (and books, for that matter). My position is very simple: I do not distribute copyright material.


1  I invented the concept of, and ran as far as Florida with, the IBM Mole. By 1993, I was to be found "moling" right inside the Lab Director's office. In mid-2004, he commented to me that: "I don't imagine many others will ever think about it, but it's my feeling that your contribution as 'the mole' was, in hindsight, one of the most significant contributions made by anyone at Hursley. It made it possible to carry the whole lab team through that period of turmoil and, for me, very dark days when there was a serious chance that morale could have collapsed so much that the place would have become unviable." Three consecutive annual top performance ratings, but (alas) no promotion (then or since)!
2  IBM Hursley Park is, of course, an anagram of "risk humbler pay"...