I owe my reader1 a clue or two about the site in general, how to find your way around it, what happens if things go wrong, and how to get in touch with me... Bizarre though the thought is, several readers have stumbled across me courtesy of Google.

You don't have to set your Browser to load images, though the site will suffer a little without them. Nor need you enable JavaScript2 in your Browser, though some of your navigation will be smoother if you do. If you find a cookie, let me know. It didn't come from me! Though I let Google Analytics track page accesses.

Only search Molehole


1  "Or readers," as PG Wodehouse remarked in his Foreword to Over Seventy — "let's be optimistic."
2  Actually, since I started using "Magic Thumb" to enlarge selected pictures you will only enjoy the full benefit with both images and JavaScript enabled.