High VBR mp3s — 2,101 (albums) and counting! 31 May 2012

10 cc                       	10 out of 10
10 cc                       	Greatest hits, 1972-1978
10 cc                       	How dare you!
10 cc                       	Original soundtrack
12 Rounds                   	(no title) promo CD
12 Rounds                   	Business / Pleasant smell (single)
12 Rounds                   	Jitter juice                                      	{also r260}
12 Rounds                   	Something's burning (single)
16 Horsepower               	Folklore
16 Horsepower               	Hoarse
16 Horsepower               	Low Estate
16 Horsepower               	Olden
16 Horsepower               	Sackcloth 'n' Ashes
16 Horsepower               	Secret South
801                         	801 live
Acoustic alchemy            	Blue chip
Acoustic alchemy            	Red dust and Spanish lace
Adam Cohen                  	Adam Cohen
Adiemus                     	Cantata mundi
Adiemus                     	Songs of Sanctuary
Aerosmith                   	The sweet taste of...
Afro Celt Sound System      	Volume 1: Sound magic
Afro Celt Sound System      	Volume 2: Release
Afro Celt Sound System      	Volume 3: Further in time
Afterlife                   	Simplicity 2000
Aimee Mann                  	Bachelor No. 2 or, the last remains of the dodo
Aimee Mann                  	I'm with stupid
Aimee Mann                  	Lost in Space
Aimee Mann                  	Magnolia (ost)
Aimee Mann                  	Whatever
Air                         	10,000 Hz legend
Air                         	Moon safari
Air                         	Talkie Walkie
Al Stewart                  	Past, present and future
Al Stewart                  	To whom it may concern: 1966-1970
Al Stewart                  	Year of the cat
Alain Presencer             	Singing Bowls of Tibet, The
Alan Hull                   	Pipedream
Alan Parsons                	Ammonia Avenue
Alan Parsons                	Best of Alan Parsons
Alan Parsons                	Eve
Alan Parsons                	Eye in the sky
Alan Parsons                	Freudiana
Alan Parsons                	Gaudi
Alan Parsons                	I Robot
Alan Parsons                	On air
Alan Parsons                	Pyramid
Alan Parsons                	Stereotomy
Alan Parsons                	Tales of Mystery and Imagination
Alan Parsons                	Time Machine
Alan Parsons                	Try anything once
Alan Parsons                	Turn of a friendly card, The
Alan Parsons                	Vulture culture
Alan Price                  	Best of Alan Price
Alan Price                  	O Lucky Man! (ost)
Alan Stivell                	Renaissance of the Celtic harp
Alana Davis                 	Blame it on me
Alejandro Escovedo          	Thirteen years
Alejandro Escovedo          	With these hands
Alex Harvey                 	Best of the sensational A H band
Alexis Korner               	Alexis Korner and...
Alexis Korner               	Blues incorporated
Alice Cooper                	Last Temptation
Alison Krauss               	New Favorite
Alison Krauss               	Now that I've found you
All about Eve               	Scarlet and other stories
Ambrose Akinmusire          	When the heart emerges glistening                 	Amazon d/l
Amon Düül                   	Psychedelic Underground                           	Original group
Amon Düül II                	Best of: 1969 to 1999
Amon Düül II                	Carnival in Babylon
Amon Düül II                	Dance of the lemmings
Amon Düül II                	Phallus Dei
Amy Winehouse               	Back to Black
Amy Winehouse               	Frank
An Pierle                   	Helium Sunset
Andrew Bird                 	Noble Beast                                       	Amazon d/l
Andrew Bird                 	Useless Creatures                                 	Amazon d/l
Andrew Powell               	Best of the Alan Parsons project
Ane Brun                    	Duets                                             	Amazon d/l
Ane Brun                    	It all starts with one                            	Amazon d/l
Ani DiFranco                	Revelling / Reckoning
Anne Briggs                 	Collection
Anne Briggs                 	Time has come, The
Anne Dudley                 	Ancient and Modern
Annie Lennox                	Bare
Annie Lennox                	Bare (interview DVD)
Annie Lennox                	Diva
Annie Lennox                	Little bird (single)
Annie Lennox                	Live in Central Park
Annie Lennox                	Medusa
Annie Lennox                	Precious (single)
Annie Lennox                	Why (single)
Annie Lennox; Al Green      	Put a little love in your heart (single)
Annie Nightingale           	Y4K
Annie Ross                  	Four classic albums plus
Antonio Pinto               	Lord of War (ost)
Aphex Twin                  	drukqs
Aphex Twin                  	I care because you do
Aphrodite's Child           	666
Argent                      	Ring of Hands
Arlo Guthrie                	Alice's Restaurant
Arlo Guthrie                	Best of Arlo Guthrie
Art of Noise                	daft
Art of Noise                	Influence
Arvo Pärt                   	Best of Arvo Pärt
Arvo Pärt                   	Collage on the theme B-A-C-H                      	Congress Orch
Arvo Pärt                   	Pro et Contra                                     	Congress Orch
Arvo Pärt                   	Symphony No. 1                                    	Congress Orch
Arvo Pärt                   	Tabula Rasa                                       	Congress Orch
Ashley Cleveland            	Big town
Ashley Hutchings            	Street Cries
Astor Piazzolla             	Bandoneon Concerto
Astor Piazzolla             	Tangazo                                           	Montreal Symphony, Dutoit
Astor Piazzolla             	Tangos
Astralasia                  	Axis Mundi
Avalanches                  	Since I left you
B-Tribe                     	Fiesta Fatal!
Baby Bird                   	Ugly beautiful
Babylon Zoo                 	Spaceman (single)
Badalamenti & Lynch         	Music from Twin Peaks
Badi Assad                  	Chameleon
Badly Drawn Boy             	Sampler (4 tracks)
Balanescu Quartet           	Possessed
Band                        	Best of the Band, The
Band                        	Music from Big Pink
Barbara Thompson            	Pure fantasy
Barclay James Harvest       	Harvest years, The
Bathers                     	Kelvingrove baby
Bathers                     	Sweet Deceit                                      	Amazon d/l
Baz Luhrmann                	Moulin Rouge (ost)
Baz Luhrmann                	Something for everybody
BBC radio 3                 	Awards for world music, 2006
BBC radio 3                 	Awards for world music, 2004
BBC radio 3                 	Awards for world music, 2005
Beach boys                  	Made in USA
Beach boys                  	Pet sounds
Beastie Boys                	Sounds of science (2)
Beatles                     	Abbey Road
Beatles                     	Beatles, 1962-1966 "red"
Beatles                     	Beatles, 1967-1970 "blue"
Beatles                     	Let it be
Beatles                     	Let it be... naked
Beatles                     	Love
Beatles                     	Magical Mystery Tour
Beatles                     	Past Masters
Beatles                     	Revolver
Beatles                     	Sergeant Pepper
Beatles                     	White album
Beaver and Krause           	Gandharva
Beaver and Krause           	In a wild sanctuary
Bebo & Cigala               	Lagrimas negras
Belle and Sebastian         	Storytelling
Bellowhead                  	Burlesque
Bellowhead                  	E.P.Onymous
Bellowhead                  	Hedonism
Bellowhead                  	Matachin
Ben Harper                  	Welcome to the cruel world
Bert Jansch                 	Best of Bert Jansch
Bert Jansch                 	Crimson moon
Bert Jansch                 	Downunder: live in Australia
Bert Jansch                 	Moonshine
Bert Jansch                 	Ornament Tree
Beth Orton                  	She cries your name (single)
Beth Orton                  	Trailer Park
Big Brother                 	Cheap thrills
Bill Frisell                	Sampler tracks
Bill Nelson                 	Optimism
Billie Holiday              	All of me
Billy Joel                  	River of dreams
Bix Beiderbecke             	Bix Beiderbecke story (4)
Björk                       	Debut
Björk                       	Homogenic
Björk                       	Post
Björk                       	Vespertine
Black Sabbath               	Best of Black Sabbath (2)
Black Sabbath               	Greatest hits
Blondie                     	Plastic letters
Blowzabella                 	Richer Dust
Blowzabella                 	Wall of Sound
Blues band                  	Back for more
Blues band                  	Official bootleg album
Blues band                  	Ready
Blur                        	Live, 2009
Bo Hansson                  	Lord of the Rings
Bo Hansson                  	Magician's hat
Bob Dylan                   	Blonde on blonde
Bob Dylan                   	Essential Bob Dylan
Bob Dylan                   	Good as I been to you
Bob Dylan                   	Infidels
Bob Dylan                   	Modern Times
Bob Dylan                   	Oh mercy
Bob Dylan                   	Under the red sky
Bob Dylan                   	Unplugged (MTV)
Bob Rivers                  	Best of twisted tunes, Vol #2
Bobby Brown                 	Don't be cruel
Bobby King; Terry Evans     	Live and let live!
Bon Jovi                    	Blaze of glory
Bon Jovi                    	Cross Road
Bond                        	Born
Bonzo Dog                   	Dog Ends + Let's make up and be friendly
Bonzo Dog                   	Gorilla + Doughnut in Granny's Greenhouse
Bonzo Dog                   	Tadpoles + Keynsham
Boo Hewerdine; D Smith      	Evidence
Books                       	Lost and Safe
Books                       	Way Out                                           	Amazon d/l
Boubacar Traore             	Je chanterai pour toi                             	Amazon d/l
Brand X                     	Missing Period
Brian Eno                   	Ambient 1; music for airports
Brian Eno                   	Ambient 4; on land
Brian Eno                   	Another day on Earth
Brian Eno                   	Apollo (ost)
Brian Eno                   	Desert island selection
Brian Eno                   	Discreet music
Brian Eno                   	January 07003: Bell studies
Brian Eno                   	Music for films
Brian Eno                   	Music for films, 3
Brian Eno                   	Neroli
Brian Eno                   	Nerve net
Brian Eno                   	Shutov assembly, The
Brian Eno                   	Taking Tiger Mountain by strategy
Brian Eno                   	Thursday afternoon
Brian Eno et al             	Small Craft on a Milk Sea
Brian Eno; David Byrne      	My life in the bush of ghosts
Brian Eno; Harold Budd      	Ambient 2; plateaux of mirror
Brian Eno; John Cale        	Wrong way up
Brian Eno; Jon Hassell      	Possible musics
Brian Eno; JP Schwalm       	Drawn from life
Brian Eno; U2 et al         	Passengers: original soundtracks 1
Brian May                   	Back to the light
Brian Wilson                	Imagination
Bruce Springsteen           	Darkness on the edge of town                      	1978
Bruce Springsteen           	Ghost of Tom Joad                                 	1995
Bruce Springsteen           	Live, 1975 to 1985 (3 CDs)                        	1986
Bruce Springsteen           	Nebraska                                          	1982
Bruce Springsteen           	Promise, The
Bruce Springsteen           	Rising, The                                       	2002
Bruce Springsteen           	River, The                                        	1980
Bruce Springsteen           	Seeger sessions (live)
Bruce Springsteen           	Tracks (box set)                                  	1998
Bryan Ferry                 	Bete noire
Bryan Ferry                 	Boys and girls
Bryan Ferry                 	Bride stripped bare, The
Bryan Ferry                 	Mamouna
Bryan Ferry                 	Olympia
Bryan Ferry                 	Taxi
Buddy Guy                   	Damn right, I've got the blues
Buffalo Springfield         	Box set retrospective
Buffy Sainte-Marie          	Coincidence and likely stories
Buggles                     	Adventures in modern recording
Buggles                     	Age of plastic
Bulgarian Voices            	Le Mystère des Voix Bulgares
Burl Ives                   	Little bitty tear: best of Burl Ives
Byrds                       	20 essential tracks, 1965-1990
Cab Calloway                	Minnie the Moocher et al
Camel                       	Rain dances
Camel                       	Snow Goose
Cameo                       	Hits collection
Can                         	Sacrilege (remixes)
Captain Beefheart           	Legendary A&M sessions
Carla Bruni                 	No promises
Carla Bruni                 	Quelqu'un m'a dit
Carlos Montoya              	Flamenco!
Carole King                 	Natural woman: the Ode collection 1968-1976
Caroline Lavelle            	Spirit
Cars                        	Door to Door
Cars                        	Greatest hits
Cars                        	Shake it up
Cat Stevens                 	Catch bull at four
Cat Stevens                 	Greatest hits
Cat Stevens                 	Mona bone jakon
Celtus                      	Moonchild
Centipede                   	Septober Energy
Charles Parker              	Ballad of John Axon (railwaymen)
Charles Parker              	Big Hewer (coal miners)
Charles Parker              	Body Blow (pain and polio)
Charles Parker              	Fight Game (boxers)
Charles Parker              	On the edge (teenagers)
Charles Parker              	Singing the fishing (herring fishers)
Charles Parker              	Song of a road (roadbuilders, M1)
Charles Parker              	Travelling people (Britain's nomads)
Charlie Haden               	Ballad of the fallen, The
Charlie Watts; Jim Keltner  	Charlie Watts Jim Keltner Project
Cheap Trick                 	Busted
Chemical Brothers           	Come with us
Chemical Brothers           	For all you are
Chieftains, et al           	Long black veil
Chris Hughes                	Shift (music of Steve Reich)
Chris Isaak                 	Best of Chris Isaak
Chris Isaak                 	Heart shaped world
Chris Isaak                 	San Francisco days
Chris Rea                   	Road to Hell
Chumbawamba                 	Anarchy
Chumbawamba                 	Never mind the ballots
Chumbawamba                 	Starvation, charity and rock & roll
Chumbawamba                 	Swingin' with Raymond
Claire Hamill               	Voices
Claude Chalhoub             	Claude Chalhoub
Climax Chicago              	Rich Man
Clothesline Revival         	Long gone
Clothesline Revival         	Of my native land
CMU                         	Open spaces
CMU                         	Space cabaret
Cocteau twins               	Heaven or Las Vegas
Cocteau twins               	Milk and kisses
Cocteau twins               	Pink opaque, The
Cole Porter                 	Anthology
Cole Porter                 	De-lovely (ost)
Colin Blunstone             	Ennismore
Colin Blunstone             	Journey
Colin Towns Mask Orchestra  	Another think coming
Colourbox                   	Colourbox
Coolio                      	Gangsta's paradise (single)
Corky Siegel                	Chamber Blues suite
Cotton Mather               	Kontiki
Crash test dummies          	Ghosts that haunt me, The
Cream                       	Strange Brew - compilation
Creedence Clearwater        	Chronicle - 20 greatest hits                      	Amazon d/l
Crosby Stills N&Y           	American dream
Crowded House               	Recurring Dreams
Crowded House               	Together Alone
Curved Air                  	Air conditioning
Curved Air                  	Air cut
Curved Air                  	Curved Air - Live
Curved Air                  	Phantasmagoria
Curved Air                  	Second Album
Dagmar Krause               	Tank Battles
Damien Dempsey              	Seize the day
Daniel Lanois               	Acadie
Daniel Lanois               	For the beauty of Wynona
Daniel Lanois               	Shine
Daniel Lanois               	Sling Blade (ost)
Danny Elfman                	Mars Attacks! (ost)
Dar Williams                	Honesty room
Dar Williams                	Mortal city
Daryll Read; Ray Manzarek   	Freshly Dug
Dave Holland                	Points of view
Dave Stewart                	Dave Stewart and the spiritual cowboys
Dave Stewart                	Greetings from the gutter
Dave Stewart                	Honest
Dave Stewart                	Jute city (ost)
Dave Stewart                	Lily was here
David Arnold                	World is not enough (007 ost)
David Axelrod               	1968 to 1970 an anthology
David Axelrod               	Anthology II
David Axelrod               	Song of Innocence
David Axelrod               	Songs of Experience
David Bedford               	Rime of the ancient mariner
David Bowie                 	BBC Radio Theatre
David Bowie                 	Best of David Bowie 1969/1974
David Bowie                 	Bowie at the Beeb, 1968-72
David Bowie                 	Deram Anthology 1966-1968
David Bowie                 	Fame and Fashion
David Bowie                 	Heathen
David Bowie                 	Let's dance
David Byrne                 	Catherine wheel, The
David Byrne                 	David Byrne
David Byrne                 	Feelings
David Byrne                 	Forest, The
David Byrne                 	Grown backwards
David Byrne                 	Hanging upside down (2 singles)
David Byrne                 	Look into the eyeball
David Byrne                 	O Samba (various)
David Byrne                 	Rei Momo
David Byrne                 	uh-oh
David Fanshawe              	African Sanctus
David Gilmour               	About face
David Gilmour               	David Gilmour
David Gilmour               	Live in Gdansk (2)
David Gilmour               	On an Island
David Gray                  	White ladder
David Holmes                	Bow down to the Exit Sign
David Holmes                	Lets get killed
David Holmes                	Ocean's Eleven (ost)
David Holmes                	Out of Sight (ost)
David Holmes                	This films crap lets slash the seats
David Sylvian               	Brilliant trees
David Sylvian               	Camphor
David Sylvian               	Gone to Earth
David Sylvian               	Secrets of the beehive
David Sylvian; Czukay, H    	Plight and premonition
David Sylvian; Fripp, R     	First Day
Dead can dance              	Spiritchaser
Decemberists                	Hazards of Love
Deep Forest                 	Boheme
Deep Forest                 	Deep Forest
Deep Purple                 	Book of Taliesyn
Deep Purple                 	Deepest Purple
Deep Purple                 	Listen learn read on (box set)                    	And r366
Deep Purple                 	Made in Japan
Deep Purple                 	Perfect strangers
Delgados                    	Hate
Deviants, The               	Deviants, The
Devlins                     	Consent
Dido                        	No angel
Dinah Washington            	Mad about the Boy
Dire Straits                	Alchemy
Dire Straits                	Brothers in Arms
Dire Straits                	Communiqué
Dire Straits                	Dire Straits
Dire Straits                	Love over gold
Dire Straits                	Making movies
Dire Straits                	On every street
Divine Comedy               	Lady of a Certain Age (single)                    	Amazon d/l
Divine Works                	Soundtrack to the new millennium
Divine Works                	Soundtrack to the new millennium
DJ Shadow                   	Endtroducing...
Dodgy                       	Homegrown
Don Henley                  	Building the perfect beast
Don Henley                  	End of the Innocence, The
Don Henley                  	I can't stand still
Don Henley                  	Inside Job
Don Rendell                 	Four Aegean exercises
Don Rendell                 	Just music
Don Rendell                 	Roarin'
Don Rendell                 	Space Walk
Donald Fagen                	Kamakiriad
Donald Fagen                	Nightfly
Donald Fagen                	Tomorrow's girls (single)
Donna Summer                	Classic Donna Summer
Donovan                     	Donovan's greatest hits and more
Donovan                     	Fairytales and colours
Doobie Brothers             	Listen to the music: very best of Doobies
Doors                       	Best of the Doors
Doors                       	Doors
Doors                       	L.A. Woman
Doors                       	Morrison Hotel
Doors                       	Soft Parade
Doors                       	Strange Days
Doors                       	Waiting for the Sun
Doors, The                  	Alive she cried
Doors, The                  	Box set
Doors, The                  	Live at the Hollywood Bowl
Dr. Hook                    	Completely hooked
Dr. Hook                    	Making love & music: 1976 - 1979
Dr. John                    	Anutha Zone
Dr. John                    	Creole Moon
Dr. John                    	Duke Elegant
Dr. John                    	Funky New Orleans
Dr. John                    	Gris-gris
Dr. John                    	Mos' scocious
Dr. John                    	N'Awlinz, dis dat or d'udda
Dr. John                    	Sippiana Hericane
Dr. John                    	Sun, moon and herbs
Dr. John                    	Very best of Dr. John
Dr. John                    	Zu Zu man
Dr. Strangely Strange       	Kip of the serenes
Durutti Column              	Sex and Death
Dusty Springfield           	Dusty: very best of Dusty Springfield
Eagles                      	Desperado
Eagles                      	Hotel California
Eagles                      	Long run, The
Eagles                      	One of these nights
Eartha Kitt                 	Down to Eartha
Eartha Kitt                 	My heart belongs to Daddy
Eartha Kitt                 	That bad Eartha (American version)
Eartha Kitt                 	Thursday's Child
Eartha Kitt with Shorty Roge	St. Louis Blues
Easy Star All-Stars         	Dub side of the moon
Easy Star All-stars         	Dub side of the moon
Easy Star All-Stars         	Radiodread                                        	Amazon d/l
Eberhard Weber              	Following morning, The
Eberhard Weber              	Later that evening
Eberhard Weber              	Works
Ed Alleyne-Johnson          	Purple electric violin concerto
Ed Alleyne-Johnson          	Ultraviolet
Eels                        	Beautiful freak
Elbow                       	Asleep in the back
Elbow                       	Cast of Thousands
Elbow                       	Leaders of the free world
Elbow                       	Seldom Seen Kid
Eleanor McEvoy              	Yola
Eliza Carthy                	Anglicana
ELO                         	First movement
Elton John                  	Love songs
Elton John                  	Superior sound of Elton John, 70-75
Elvis Costello              	Girls! Girls! Girls!
Elvis Costello; Brodsky 4   	Juliet letters, The
Elvis Costello; Otter, AS v 	For the stars
Elwood Herring              	Hatest Grits (his title)
Emerson Lake and Palmer     	Black moon
Emerson Lake and Palmer     	Brain salad surgery
Emerson Lake and Palmer     	Emerson Lake and Palmer
Emerson Lake and Palmer     	Pictures at an exhibition
Emerson Lake and Palmer     	Tarkus
Emerson Lake and Palmer     	Trilogy
Emmylou Harris              	Spyboy
Emmylou Harris              	Wrecking Ball
Enigma                      	Cross of Changes
Enigma                      	Eyes of Truth (single)
Enigma                      	Le Roi est Mort...
Enigma                      	MCMXC A.D.
Enigma                      	Screen behind the mirror
Enigma                      	Seven Lives, Many Faces                           	Amazon d/l
Eno and Byrne               	Everything that happens will happen today
Eno and Byrne               	My life in the bush of ghosts
Ensemble Ambrosius          	Zappa album
Enya                        	Anywhere is (single)
Enya                        	Enya (The Celts)
Enya                        	Shepherd Moons
Enya                        	Watermark
Eric Burdon and the Animals 	Greatest hits
Eric Clapton                	Time pieces
Eric Jerardi                	Had enough
Eric Serra                  	Big Blue (ost)
Eric Serra                  	Fifth Element (ost)
Eric Serra                  	Goldeneye (ost)
Eric Serra                  	Leon (ost)
Erin McKeown                	Distillation
Erland & the carnival       	Erland & the carnival
Erroll Garner               	Piano magic
Erykah Badu                 	Baduizm
Eurythmics                  	1984 (ost)
Eurythmics                  	Acoustic medley (live)
Eurythmics                  	Be yourself tonight
Eurythmics                  	Live, 1983-1989
Eurythmics                  	Peace
Eurythmics                  	Revenge
Eurythmics                  	Revival (single)
Eurythmics                  	Savage
Eurythmics                  	Shame (single)
Eurythmics                  	Sweet dreams (are made of this)
Eurythmics                  	Touch
Eurythmics                  	We too are one
Eurythmics                  	You have placed a chill on my heart (single)
Evelyn Glennie              	Drumming
Everything but the girl     	Walking wounded                                   	Amazon d/l
Extreme                     	III sides to every story
Fairport Convention         	Tipplers' Tales
Faith Hill                  	Love will always win
Falla guitar trio           	West Side story/Pulcinella/Jazz sonata
Fatboy Slim                 	Halfway between the gutter...
Fats Waller                 	Handful of Keys
Fields                      	Fields
Finn                        	Finn
Flaming Lips                	Yoshimi battles the pink robots
Fleetwood Mac               	Blues Years #1
Fleetwood Mac               	Blues Years #2
Fleetwood Mac               	Blues Years #3
Fleetwood Mac               	Collection
Fleetwood Mac               	Greatest hits
Fleetwood Mac               	Rumours
Fleetwood Mac               	Time
Flying lizards              	Top Ten
Forest                      	Forest
Forest                      	Full Circle
Frank Zappa                 	Best band you never heard in your life
Frank Zappa                 	Cheap thrills
Frank Zappa                 	Guitar
Frank Zappa                 	Have I offended someone?
Frank Zappa                 	Hot rats
Frank Zappa                 	Joe's garage
Frank Zappa                 	Strictly commercial                               	And r361
Frank Zappa                 	Yellow shark
Frankie goes to Hollywood   	Bang! The best of Frankie goes to Hollywood
Freddie Mercury             	Freddie Mercury album
Freddie Mercury             	Mr. Bad Guy
Free                        	Free story, The
Free                        	My brother Jake (single)
Garbage                     	G Files
Gare du Nord                	In search of excellounge
Gare du Nord                	Sex'n'Jazz
Gary Clail                  	Dreamstealers
Gary Clail                  	Human nature (single)
Gary Jules                  	Mad world (1 of 2)
Gary Jules                  	Mad world (2 of 2)
Gary Moore                  	After Hours
Gary Moore                  	Still got the blues
Gary Numan                  	Tubeway Army - Peel sessions
Gary Wright                 	Who I am
Gavin Bryars; Tom Waits     	Jesus' blood never failed me yet
Gene Krupa                  	Gene Krupa Story
Genesis                     	...and then there were three...
Gentle Giant                	Octopus
George Gershwin             	Anthology
George Harrison             	Cloud nine
George Martin et al         	In my life
Gerry Anderson              	Project 90 (single)
Gerry Rafferty              	Can I have my money back?
Gerry Rafferty              	City to City
Gerry Rafferty              	North and South
Gerry Rafferty              	Sleepwalking
Gerry Rafferty              	Snakes and ladders
Gershwin                    	Porgy and Bess                                    	Duke Ellington Orch
Gil Evans                   	Little wing
Gil Evans                   	Out of the cool
Gil Evans                   	Plays the music of Jimi Hendrix
Gil Evans                   	There comes a time
Glenn Frey                  	Allnighter, The
Glenn Frey                  	Live
Glenn Frey                  	Soul searchin'
Glenn Frey                  	Strange weather
Glenn Hansard               	Once (ost)
Glenn Miller                	In the Mood
Godley and Creme            	History mix, Vol. 1
Godley and Creme            	L
Godley and Creme            	Music from 'Consequences'
Godspeed You Black Emperor  	Yanqui UXO
Goldfrapp                   	Black Cherry
Goldfrapp                   	Felt Mountain
Goldfrapp                   	Supernature
Gomez                       	Bring it on
Goran Bregovic              	Time of the Gypsies and Kuduz                     	Amazon d/l
Gordon Giltrap              	Fear of the dark
Gordon Giltrap              	Visionary
Gorillaz                    	Demon Days
Gorillaz                    	Gorillaz
Gotan Project               	Inspiracion / Espiracion
Gotan Project               	La revancha del tango
Gotan Project               	Lunático
Gotan Project               	Tango 3.0
Grace Slick; Paul Kantner   	Sunfighter
Grateful Dead               	Anthem of the sun
Grateful Dead               	Grateful Dead (live)
Grateful Dead               	In the dark
Grimes                      	Visions                                           	Amazon d/l
Gryphon                     	Gryphon
Guitar orchestra            	Guitar orchestra
Guns N'Roses                	Appetite for destruction
Guns N'Roses                	Best of Guns N'Roses live in concert
Guy Barker                  	Soundtrack
Harold Budd                 	By the dawn's early light
Harold Budd                 	Lovely thunder
Harold Budd                 	Pearl, The
Harold Budd et al           	Moon and the melodies, The
Harpers Bizarre             	Feelin' Groovy (best of)
Hatfield and the North      	Hatfield and the North
Hayseed Dixie               	Let there be rockgrass
Heads                       	Don't take my kindness for weakness (single)
Heads                       	No talking, just Head
Henry Mancini et al         	Best of Henry Mancini
Herb Alpert                 	Definitive hits
Herbie Hancock              	Gershwin's World
Herbie Hancock              	River - the Joni letters                          	Amazon d/l
Herd, The                   	Anthology
Hot Tuna                    	Best of Hot Tuna: 'Uncanned'
Hovhaness, Alan             	Rubyaiyat
Howard Jones                	Dream into action
Howard Jones                	One to one
Howard Shore                	Silence of the lambs (ost)
Hunter Muskett              	Every time you move
Iain Matthews               	Excerpts from Swine Lake
Ian Brown                   	Golden greats
Ian Brown                   	Music of the Spheres
Ian Brown                   	My Way                                            	Amazon d/l
Ian Brown                   	Solarized
Ian Brown                   	Unfinished monkey business
Ian Brown                   	World is Yours                                    	Amazon d/l
Ian Carr                    	Old heartland
Ian Carr                    	Sounds and sweet airs
Ian Carr                    	Three Aegean exercises
Ian Dury                    	Sex & drugs & rock & roll
Ian Gillan; Roger Glover    	Accidentally on purpose
Ian Matthews                	Discreet repeat
Ian McNabb                  	Merseybeast
Ian McNabb                  	North West coast
Ike & Tina Turner           	18 classic tracks
Imagined Village            	Empire and Love
Imagined Village            	Imagined Village
Indigo Girls                	Rites of Passage
Indigo Girls                	Swamp Ophelia
Irving Berlin               	Anthology
Isao Tomita                 	Best of Tomita
Isao Tomita                 	Planets
Jackie Leven                	Control
Jackie Leven                	Fairy tales for hard men
Jackie Leven                	Forbidden songs of the dying West
Jackie Leven                	Mystery of love is greater than ... death
Jackie Leven                	Right to remain silent
Jackie Leven                	Wanderer, The
Jackson Browne              	Naked ride home
Jackson Heights             	5th Avenue Bus
Jackson Heights             	Bump'n'Grind
Jackson Heights             	King Progress
Jackson Heights             	One of these Nights (single)                      	Amazon d/l
Jackson Heights             	Ragamuffins Fool
Jacques Loussier            	Bach's Goldberg variations
Jacques Loussier            	Satie: Gymnopédies; Gnossiennes
Jah Wobble                  	Shout at the devil
Jake Thackray               	Jake in a box (4)
Jake Thackray               	Jake in a box (4)
Jake Thackray               	Live Performance (2)
Jake Thackray               	Live performance (2)
James Blake                 	Limit to your Love                                	Amazon d/l
Jan Akkerman                	Noise of Art, The
Jan Garbarek                	Officium
Jan Garbarek                	Officium Novum
Jane Birkin                 	Rendez-vous
Janis Ian                   	God and the FBI
Janis Ian                   	Society's child
Janis Joplin                	Ultimate collection
Jann Arden                  	Happy?
Japan                       	Exorcising ghosts
Japan                       	Oil on canvas
Jean Michel Jarre           	Aero
Jean Michel Jarre           	Chronologie
Jean Michel Jarre           	Revolutions
Jean Michel Jarre           	Waiting for Cousteau
Jean-Luc Ponty              	King Kong (music of Frank Zappa)
Jean-Michel Jarre           	Equinoxe
Jean-Michel Jarre           	Oxygene 1-6
Jean-Michel Jarre           	Oxygene 7-13
Jean-Michel Jarre           	Oxygene 8 (single)
Jean-Michel Jarre           	Rendez-vous
Jean-Michel Jarre           	Zoolook
Jeff Beal                   	Carnivàle (ost)
Jeff Beck                   	Jeff
Jeff Beck                   	Who else!
Jeff Beck                   	You had it coming
Jeff Buckley                	Grace
Jeff Buckley                	Mystery white boy
Jeff Buckley                	Sketches for My sweetheart the drunk
Jeff Healey band            	Live sampler
Jeff Healey band            	See the light
Jefferson Airplane          	2400 Fulton Street
Jerry Garcia                	Reflections
Jerry Harrison              	Casual Gods
Jerry Harrison              	Walk on water
Jill Gomez                  	Cabaret classics
Jim Croce                   	Jim Croce collection
Jim Moray                   	In modern history
Jim Moray                   	Low culture
Jim Moray                   	Sweet England
Jim Morrison/Doors          	American prayer, An
Jimi Hendrix                	Cornerstones - 1967 to 1970
Jimi Hendrix                	First rays of the new rising sun
Jimi Hendrix                	Radio One sessions
Jimmy Page                  	Outrider
Jimmy Webb                  	Ten easy pieces
JJ Cale                     	Naturally
Joan Armatrading            	Track record
Joan Armatrading            	Whatever's for us
Joan as Policewoman         	Deep Field                                        	Amazon d/l
Joe Jackson                 	Big world
Joe Jackson                 	Body and soul
Joe Jackson                 	Will power
Joe Temperley               	Double Duke
Joe Walsh                   	Best of Joe Walsh, The
Joe Walsh                   	Smoker you drink, the player you get, The
John & Steve Hackett        	Sketches of Satie
John Adams et al            	Maximum minimalists
John Cale                   	Fear is a man's best friend
John Cale                   	Helen of Troy
John Cale                   	Paris s'eveille
John Cale                   	Slow dazzle
John Coltrane               	Blue Train                                        	Amazon d/l
John Dummer                 	Oobleedooblee Jubilee
John James; John Renbourn   	Head in the clouds
John James; Pete Berryman   	Sky in my pie
John Lee Hooker             	Mr Lucky
John Lennon                 	Imagine
John Lennon                 	Shaved fish
John Mark/Johnny Almond     	Black Sun (Best of Mark-Almond band)
John Martyn                 	Church with one bell
John Martyn                 	Classic John Martyn (single)
John Martyn                 	Cooltide
John Martyn                 	Live at Leeds (2)
John Martyn                 	One world
John Martyn                 	Philentropy
John Martyn                 	Solid air
John Martyn                 	Sweet little mysteries (2)
John McLaughlin             	Collection
John Mellencamp             	American Fool
John Mellencamp             	Human wheels
John Mellencamp             	Lonesome Jubilee
John Mellencamp             	Mr Happy Go Lucky
John Mellencamp             	Scarecrow
John Mellencamp             	Uh-huh
John Miles                  	Rebel
John Prine                  	In spite of ourselves
John Prine                  	Missing Years
John Renbourn               	Best of John Renbourn
John Trudell                	AKA Grafitti Man
John Trudell                	Johnny Damas and me
John Williams               	Essential collection (2)
Johnny Cash                 	Best of Johnny Cash
Johnny Cash                 	Johnny Cash at Folsom prison
Johnny Cash                 	Johnny Cash at San Quentin prison
Jon Hassell                 	Aka Darbari Java
Jon Hassell                 	City: works of fiction
Jonatha Brooke              	Plumb
Jonathan Elias              	Prayer Cycle (various artists)
Joni Mitchell               	Blue
Joni Mitchell               	Both sides now
Joni Mitchell               	Chalk mark in a rain storm
Joni Mitchell               	Dog eat dog
Joni Mitchell               	Hejira
Joni Mitchell               	Hissing of summer lawns, The
Joni Mitchell               	Night ride home
Joni Mitchell               	Taming the Tiger
Joni Mitchell               	Turbulent indigo
Jools Holland               	Best of Jools Holland
Jools Holland               	Small world big band - more friends
Jools Holland et al         	Small world big band
Josephine Oniyama           	Smaller version of the real thing
JP Rykiel                   	Rain of blessing: Vajra chants
Juana Molina                	segundo
Juana Molina                	son
Juana Molina                	tres cosas
Judie Tzuke                 	Welcome to the cruise
Julie Andrews               	Julie Andrews sings
Julie Andrews               	My Fair Lady
Julie Andrews               	Tell it again
Julie Andrews               	The lass with the delicate air
Julie Driscoll; Auger, B    	Julie Driscoll, Brian Auger & the Trinity
Junior Parker               	Funny how Time slips away                         	Amazon d/l
Kate & Anna McGarrigle      	Matapedia
Kate & Anna McGarrigle      	McGarrigle Hour
Kate Bush                   	50 words for snow
Kate Bush                   	Aerial
Kate Bush                   	Dreaming, The
Kate Bush                   	Hounds of love
Kate Bush                   	Kick inside, The
Kate Bush                   	Lionheart
Kate Bush                   	Never for ever
Kate Bush                   	Sensual world (single)
Kate Bush                   	Sensual World, The
Kate Bush                   	Whole story, The
Kathryn Tickell             	Kathryn Tickell band
KD Lang                     	Absolute torch and twang
KD Lang                     	All you can eat
KD Lang                     	Constant craving (singles)
KD Lang                     	Drag
KD Lang                     	Even cowgirls get the blues (ost)
KD Lang                     	Hymns of the 49th Parallel
KD Lang                     	If I were you (single)
KD Lang                     	Ingénue
KD Lang                     	Invincible summer
Keith Jarrett               	Book of Ways
Keith Jarrett               	Köln concert
Keith Tippett               	Best of Keith Tippett & Julie Tippetts
King Crimson                	In the court of the Crimson King
King Crimson                	In the wake of Poseidon
King Crimson                	Islands
King Crimson                	Lizard
King Crimson                	Red
Kingdom Come                	Kingdom Come
Kirsty MacColl              	Electric landlady
Kirsty MacColl              	Kite
Kirsty MacColl              	Tropical brainstorm
KLF, The                    	Chill out
KLF, The                    	Grim up North (single)
KLF, The                    	Kylie said to Jason (single)
KLF, The                    	Shag times - justified ancients of Mu Mu
KLF, The                    	White room, The
Kraftwerk                   	Trans-Europe express (2009 remaster)              	Amazon d/l
Kroke                       	Sounds of the vanishing world
Kronos Quartet              	Various
Kula Shaker                 	Hey Dude
Kula Shaker                 	Hey Dude (single)
Kula Shaker                 	Kula Shaker K
Kula Shaker                 	Kula Shaker Tattva (single)
Ladytron                    	604
Laraaji                     	Ambient 3; day of radiance
Larry Coryell               	Firebird/Petrouchka
Laura Branigan              	Self Control (single)                             	Amazon d/l
Laura Marling               	Alas I cannot swim
Laura Marling               	Creature I don't know                             	Amazon d/l
Laura Marling               	I speak because I can
Laurie Anderson             	Big Science
Laurie Anderson             	Bright Red
Laurie Anderson             	Life on a string
Laurie Anderson             	Live at Town Hall, NYC, Sept 19-20, 2001
Laurie Anderson             	Mister Heartbreak
Laurie Anderson             	Strange angels
Laurie Anderson             	Talk normal: anthology
Laurie Anderson             	Ugly one with the jewels and other stories
Led Zeppelin                	Boxed Set2
Led Zeppelin                	Remasters
Led Zeppelin                	Runes (IV)
Leftfield                   	Leftism
Lena Horne                  	Friend of Yours
Lena Horne                  	Give the lady what she wants
Lena Horne                  	Lena Horne at the Waldorf Astoria
Lena Horne                  	Lena Horne at the Cocoanut Grove
Lena Horne                  	Stormy weather
Leo Kottke                  	Best of Leo Kottke, The
Leonard Cohen               	Dear Heather
Leonard Cohen               	Death of a ladies' man
Leonard Cohen               	Future, The
Leonard Cohen               	Greatest hits
Leonard Cohen               	I'm your man
Leonard Cohen               	Live in London
Leonard Cohen               	More best of
Leonard Cohen               	Old Ideas                                         	Amazon d/l
Leonard Cohen               	Various positions
Linda Thompson              	Fashionably late
Lindisfarne                 	Fog on the Tyne
Little Village              	Little Village
Liz Horsman                 	Roaming
London SO                   	Tommy
Loreena McKennitt           	Mask and mirror
Loreena McKennitt           	Visit
Lou Reed                    	New York
Lou Reed                    	Perfect Day
Lou Reed                    	Raven, The
Lou Reed                    	Transformer
Loudon Wainwright III       	10 songs for the new depression
Loudon Wainwright III       	Album I
Loudon Wainwright III       	Album II                                          	2007/03/26
Loudon Wainwright III       	Album III
Loudon Wainwright III       	Attempted mustache
Loudon Wainwright III       	BBC sessions, 1971-1993
Loudon Wainwright III       	Career moves
Loudon Wainwright III       	Fame and Wealth + I'm alright
Loudon Wainwright III       	Final Exam
Loudon Wainwright III       	Grown man
Loudon Wainwright III       	Here comes the choppers
Loudon Wainwright III       	High wide and handsome (Charlie Poole)
Loudon Wainwright III       	History
Loudon Wainwright III       	I'm Alright                                       	Amazon d/l
Loudon Wainwright III       	Last man on Earth
Loudon Wainwright III       	Little ship
Loudon Wainwright III       	Live one
Loudon Wainwright III       	More love songs
Loudon Wainwright III       	One man guy: 1982 - 1986
Loudon Wainwright III       	Recovery
Loudon Wainwright III       	So damn happy: live
Loudon Wainwright III       	Social Studies (for NPR)
Loudon Wainwright III       	Strange Weirdos
Loudon Wainwright III       	T Shirt
Loudon Wainwright III       	Therapy
Loudon Wainwright III       	Unrequited
Love                        	Forever changes
Lovin' Spoonful             	Very best of the Lovin' Spoonful
Lucinda Williams            	Car wheels on a gravel road
Lucinda Williams            	World without tears
Lukas Ligeti and Beta Foly  	Lukas Ligeti and Beta Foly
Lydia Lunch                 	Crimes against nature (3)
Macy Gray                   	On how life is
Madonna                     	Erotic (single)
Madonna                     	Erotica
Madonna                     	Frozen (single)
Madonna                     	Hanky Panky (single)
Madonna                     	Immaculate collection, The
Madonna                     	Music
Madonna                     	Ray of light
Magnetic Fields             	69 love songs
Mallard                     	Mallard / In a different climate
Mamas and the Papas         	Golden greats
Man                         	Be good to yourself
Man                         	Perfect timing (1970-1975)
Man data sound              	Dubient
Man Jumping                 	World Service
Mandingo                    	Sacrifice + Primeval rhythm of life
Manfred Mann                	Collection, The
Manfred Mann's Earthband    	20 years of Manfred Mann's Earthband
Manfred Mann's Earthband    	Blindin'
Manfred Mann's Earthband    	Manfred Mann's Earthband
Manfred Mann's Plain Music  	Plains music
Marc Almond                 	Days of Pearly Spencer (single)
Marianne Faithfull          	20th Century Blues
Marianne Faithfull          	Before the Poison
Marianne Faithfull          	Blazing away
Marianne Faithfull          	Broken English
Marianne Faithfull          	Child's adventure
Marianne Faithfull          	Dangerous acquaintances
Marianne Faithfull          	Horses and High Heels
Marianne Faithfull          	Kissin Time
Marianne Faithfull          	Perfect stranger, A
Marianne Faithfull          	Secret life
Marianne Faithfull          	Seven Deadly Sins (Kurt Weill)
Marianne Faithfull          	Strange weather
Marianne Faithfull          	Vagabond ways
Marillion                   	Brave
Marillion                   	Clutching at straws
Mark Knopfler               	Darling pretty (single)
Mark Knopfler               	Sailing to Philadelphia
Marsha Hunt                 	Walk on gilded splinters
Martin Ansell               	Englishman Abroad
Mary Ann Farley             	Daddy's little girl
Mary Margaret O'Hara        	Miss America
Mary-Chapin Carpenter       	Come on come on
Mary-Chapin Carpenter       	Hometown girl
Mary-Chapin Carpenter       	Shooting straight in the dark
Mary-Chapin Carpenter       	State of the heart
Massive                     	Blue lines
Massive Attack              	100th Window
Massive Attack              	Heligoland
Massive Attack              	Mezzanine
Massive Attack              	Protection
Matt 'Guitar' Murphy        	Way down South
Matthew Parris, Pink Floyd  	Welcome to the Dark Side
Maurice Jarre               	Witness (ost)
Max Richter                 	Infra                                             	Amazon d/l
McDonald and Giles          	McDonald and Giles
McGough and McGear          	McGough and McGear
Meatloaf                    	Bat out of Hell
Meatloaf                    	Bat out of Hell II
Melissa Etheridge           	Brave and crazy
Melissa Etheridge           	Come to my window
Melissa Etheridge           	Live
Melissa Etheridge           	Melissa Etheridge
Melissa Etheridge           	Never enough
Melissa Etheridge           	Yes I am
Melissa Etheridge           	Your little secret
Metallica                   	S&M
Michael Brook               	Night song
Michael Brook               	Star Rise: Remixed
Michael Conn, Ian Ritchie   	Lonely Planet themes (C4)
Michael Mantler             	Many have no speech
Michael McDonald            	Sweet freedom
Michelle Shocked            	Captain Swing
Michelle Shocked            	Short Sharp Shocked
Mike + the Mechanics        	Living Years
Mike + the Mechanics        	Mike + the Mechanics
Mike + the Mechanics        	Word of mouth
Mike Batt                   	Schizophonia
Mike Batt                   	Tarot suite
Mike Batt                   	Waves
Mike Oldfield               	Tubular Bells
Mike Oldfield               	Tubular Bells II
Mike Rutherford             	Smallcreep's Day
Mike Westbrook              	Westbrook-Rossini
Miles Davis                 	Amandla
Miles Davis                 	Best of Seven Steps
Miles Davis                 	Bitches brew
Miles Davis                 	Boplicity
Miles Davis                 	Conception
Miles Davis                 	E.S.P.
Miles Davis                 	Enter the Cool
Miles Davis                 	Filles de Kilimanjaro
Miles Davis                 	Get up with it (2)
Miles Davis                 	In a silent way
Miles Davis                 	Jazz portraits, 1945 - 1954
Miles Davis                 	Kind of blue
Miles Davis                 	Miles Ahead
Miles Davis                 	Milestones
Miles Davis                 	Nefertiti
Miles Davis                 	Porgy and Bess
Miles Davis                 	Quiet Nights
Miles Davis                 	Sketches of Spain
Miles Davis                 	Too cool
Miles Davis                 	Tutu
Miles Davis                 	Young Miles
Miles Davis; Laswell, Bill  	Panthalassa: re-mixes 1969-1974
Miles Davis; Miller, M      	Siesta (ost)
Miles Davis; Miller, M      	Tutu Revisited                                    	Amazon d/l
Mitch Benn                  	Crimes against music
Mitch Benn and the Distracti	Crimes against Music
MJQ                         	Django
MJQ                         	Fontessa
MJQ                         	MJQ at Music Inn
MJQ                         	Modern Jazz Quartet
Moby                        	8-track sampler & interview
Moby                        	Go: the 14 remixes
Moby                        	Play
Moby                        	Rare: the collected B-sides
Moloko                      	Statues
Mono                        	Formica blues
Moondog                     	New sound of an old instrument
Morgan Fisher               	Inside Satie
Mothers of Invention        	'Tis the season to be jelly (Sweden, 1967)        	{also r354}
Mr McFall's Chamber         	!Revolucionario!
Mr McFall's Chamber         	Like the milk
Mr McFall's Chamber         	Live at Uni of Glasgow & Isle of Mull
Mr McFall's Chamber         	Upstart jugglers
Murray Head                 	Say it ain't so
Nanci Griffith              	Dust Bowl Symphony
Nanci Griffith              	Late night Grande Hotel
Nanci Griffith              	Other voices other rooms
Natacha Atlas               	Ayeshteni
Natacha Atlas               	Diaspora
Natacha Atlas               	Gedida
Natalie Imbruglia           	Left of the middle
Neil Ardley                 	Camden '70
Neil Ardley                 	Greek variations
Neil Ardley                 	Harmony of the Spheres
Neil Ardley                 	Kaleidoscope of Rainbows
Neil Ardley                 	Will Power
Neil Young                  	Are you passionate?                               	And r361
Neil Young                  	Dead Man (ost)
Neil Young                  	Decade                                            	1977 retrospective
Neil Young                  	Everybody's Rockin'
Neil Young                  	Freedom                                           	October 1989
Neil Young                  	Greatest hits
Neil Young                  	Harvest moon                                      	November 1992
Neil Young                  	Le Noise
Neil Young                  	Mirror Ball                                       	June 1995
Neil Young                  	Neil Young                                        	January 1969
Neil Young                  	Ragged glory                                      	September 1990
Neil Young                  	Sleeps with angels                                	September 1994
Neil Young                  	This note's for you                               	April 1988
Neil Young                  	Zuma                                              	November 1975
Neu                         	Neu
Neu                         	Neu 2
Neu                         	Neu 75
Neville Brothers            	Brother's Keeper
Neville Brothers            	Yellow moon
New Order                   	Best of New Order
Nice, The                   	Elegy
Nice, The                   	Five bridges suite etc.
Nick Lowe                   	Convincer, The
Nick Lowe                   	Dig my mood
Nick Lowe                   	Impossible Bird
Nigel Kennedy + Kroke       	East meets East
Nigel Kennedy et al         	Doors Concerto
Nils Lofgren                	Acoustic Live
Nils Lofgren                	Classics
Nils Petter Molvær          	np3
Nina Nastasia               	Blackened Air
Nina Simone                 	Very best of Nina Simone
Nino Rota                   	Music to the Godfather (& others)
Nirvana                     	Nevermind
Nitin Sawhney               	London Undersound
Noella Hutton               	Noella Hutton
Norma Waterson              	Very thought of you, The
Noël Coward                 	Centenary celebration
Noël Coward                 	Legends of the 20th Century
Noël Coward                 	Mad dogs and Englishmen
Nucleus                     	Alleycat
Nucleus                     	Direct Hits
Nucleus                     	Elastic rock
Nucleus                     	In flagrante delicto
Nucleus                     	Labyrinth
Nucleus                     	Out of the long dark
Nucleus                     	Pretty Redhead (BBC sessions)
Nucleus                     	Roots
Nucleus                     	Snakehips etcetera
Nucleus                     	Solar plexus
Nucleus                     	Under the sun
Nucleus                     	We'll talk about it later
Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan       	In concert in Paris
Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan       	Shahen-shah
Oasis                       	(What's the story) Morning glory?
Orb                         	Adventures beyond the ultraworld
Orb                         	Live 93
Orb                         	Oldfield versus the Orb (single)
Orb                         	Orbis Terrarum
Orb                         	Orblivion
Orb                         	Pomme fritz
Orb                         	U. F. Orb
Orb, with David Gilmour     	Metallic Spheres
Orbital                     	Altogether, The
Orbital                     	Box (single)
Orbital                     	In Sides
Orbital                     	Snivilisation
Orbital                     	Wonky                                             	Amazon d/l
Osibisa                     	Best of Osibisa
Ougenweide                  	Herzsprung
Paddy Roberts               	Funny world
Paddy Roberts               	Paddy Roberts tries again
Paddy Roberts               	Songs for gay dogs
Paddy Roberts               	Strictly for grown-ups
Paolo Conte                 	Best of Paolo Conte
Pat Metheny                 	80/81
Pat Metheny                 	Offramp
Pat Metheny                 	Works
Patti Smith                 	Dream of life
Patti Smith                 	Easter
Patti Smith                 	Gone again
Patti Smith                 	Gung Ho
Patti Smith                 	Horses
Patti Smith                 	Land (1975 - 2002)
Patti Smith                 	Peace and noise
Patti Smith                 	Radio Ethiopa
Patti Smith                 	Wave
Patty Griffin               	1000 kisses
Paul Brett                  	Earth Birth                                       	Amazon d/l
Paul Kossoff                	Koss
Paul Oakenfold              	Bunkka
Paul Simon                  	Graceland
Paul Simon                  	Graceland
Paul Simon                  	Greatest hits etc.
Paul Simon                  	Greatest Hits, etc.
Paul Simon                  	Live at the BBC, 2006
Paul Simon                  	You're the one
Peggy Lee                   	Best of Peggy Lee
Peggy Lee                   	Black Coffee / Sea Shells
Penguin Cafe Orchestra      	Broadcasting from home
Penguin Cafe Orchestra      	Music from the PCO
Penguin Cafe Orchestra      	Penguin Cafe Orchestra
Penguin Cafe Orchestra      	Signs of life
Pet Shop Boys               	Please
Pete Atkin; Clive James     	Beware of the beautiful stranger
Pete Atkin; Clive James     	Driving through mythical America
Pete Atkin; Clive James     	King at Nightfall
Pete Atkin; Clive James     	Live Libel
Pete Atkin; Clive James     	Midnight voices
Pete Atkin; Clive James     	Road of Silk
Pete Atkin; Clive James     	Secret drinker... plus
Pete Brown; Ian Lynn        	Party in the rain
Pete Haycock                	Guitar and son
Pete Townshend              	White city
Peter Gabriel               	1
Peter Gabriel               	2
Peter Gabriel               	Big time (single)
Peter Gabriel               	Birdy (ost)
Peter Gabriel               	Deutsches album
Peter Gabriel               	New Blood
Peter Gabriel               	Ovo
Peter Gabriel               	Passion (ost)
Peter Gabriel               	Passion sources
Peter Gabriel               	Peter Gabriel #3
Peter Gabriel               	Peter Gabriel #4
Peter Gabriel               	Peter Gabriel plays live
Peter Gabriel               	Scratch my back
Peter Gabriel               	Secret world live
Peter Gabriel               	So
Peter Gabriel               	Up
Peter Sarstedt              	As though it were a movie
Peter Sarstedt              	Peter Sarstedt
Phil Collins                	Both Sides
Phil Collins                	Face value
Phil Collins                	No jacket required
Phil Lynott                 	Philip Lynott album
Phil Lynott                 	Solo in Soho
Phil Manzanera              	Explorers, The
Phil Manzanera              	Guitarissimo
Phil Manzanera              	Manzanera collection #1/2
Phil Manzanera              	Manzanera collection #2/2
Phil Manzanera              	Primitive guitars
Phil Manzanera              	Southern Cross
Phil Manzanera; Mackay, A   	Manzanera & Mackay
Phil Ochs                   	Greatest Hits
Phil Upchurch               	Rhapsody & Blues
Philip Glass                	Civil Wars
Philip Glass                	Dance pieces
Philip Glass                	Dracula (ost)
Philip Glass                	Early Voice
Philip Glass                	Glassworks
Philip Glass                	Hours (ost)
Philip Glass                	Itaipu & The Canyon
Philip Glass                	Koyaanisqatsi (ost)
Philip Glass                	Low symphony (Bowie and Eno music)
Philip Glass                	Mishima (ost)
Philip Glass                	Naqoyqatsi (ost)
Philip Glass                	Photographer, The
Philip Glass                	Powaqqatsi (ost)
Philip Glass                	Songs from liquid days                            	Crouch End festival
Philip Glass                	Songs from liquid days, L Cohen, etc.
Philip Glass                	Violin Concerto + Dance from Akhnaten
Pilgrimage                  	9 songs of ecstasy
Pilgrimage                  	Land of Ecstasy
Pina Kollars                	Pina - quick look
Pink Floyd                  	Animals
Pink Floyd                  	Atom Heart Mother
Pink Floyd                  	Dark side of the moon
Pink Floyd                  	Delicate sound of thunder
Pink Floyd                  	Division Bell
Pink Floyd                  	Final Cut (original)
Pink Floyd                  	Final Cut (remastered, extra track)
Pink Floyd                  	Interstellar Overdrive (single)
Pink Floyd                  	Learning to fly (single)
Pink Floyd                  	Meddle
Pink Floyd                  	Momentary lapse of reason
Pink Floyd                  	More
Pink Floyd                  	Obscured by clouds
Pink Floyd                  	Piper at the gates of Dawn (remastered)
Pink Floyd                  	Pulse (live)
Pink Floyd                  	Relics
Pink Floyd                  	Saucerful of secrets (remastered)
Pink Floyd                  	Take it back (single)
Pink Floyd                  	Ummagumma (2)
Pink Floyd                  	Wall
Pink Floyd                  	Wall (2011 remaster)                              	Amazon d/l
Pink Floyd                  	Wall live, 1980-1981 (box set)
Pink Floyd                  	Wish you were here
Pink Floyd                  	Wish you were here (2011 experience remaster)     	Amazon d/l
Pink Floyd                  	Works
Placebo                     	Sleeping with ghosts
Police                      	Ghost in the machine, The
Police                      	Outlandos d'Amour
Police, Sting               	Very best of Sting / Police
Polichinelle                	Prayer boat
Polly Phillips              	No relation
Porno for Pyros             	Good God's urge
Porno for Pyros             	Porno for Pyros
Portishead                  	Dummy
Portishead                  	Portishead
Portishead                  	Third
Powderfinger                	Odyssey number five
Pretenders                  	Get close
Pretenders                  	Isle of View
Pretenders                  	Kid + Stop your sobbing (single)
Pretenders                  	Last of the Independents
Pretenders                  	Packed!
Pretenders                  	Viva el Amor!
Pretty Things, The          	S.F. Sorrow
Primal Scream               	Screamadelica                                     	Amazon d/l
Primal Scream               	Vanishing Point
Prince                      	Sign of the times
Princess Superstar          	Bad Babysitter
Procol Harum                	Salty Dog, A
Procol Harum                	Shine on brightly
Prodigy                     	Fat of the Land
Professor Longhair          	Professor Longhair's Boogie
Propaganda                  	Secret wish, A
Propaganda                  	Wishful thinking
Pulp                        	Different class
Quantum Jump (Rupert Hine)  	Barracuda
Quantum Jump (Rupert Hine)  	Barracuda
Quantum Jump (Rupert Hine)  	Quantum Jump
Quincy Jones                	Quincy plays for pussycats
Quincy Jones                	Straight no chaser
R.E.M.                      	Automatic for the people
R.E.M.                      	Best of R.E.M., The
R.E.M.                      	Out of time
Rachel Unthank              	Bairns
Rachel Unthank              	Cruel Sister
Rachel Unthank              	Here's the tender coming
Rachel Unthank              	Last
Radiohead                   	Amnesiac
Radiohead                   	Bends
Radiohead                   	Hail to the Thief
Radiohead                   	I might be wrong
Radiohead                   	Kid A
Radiohead                   	My Iron Lung
Radiohead                   	OK computer
Radiohead                   	Pablo Honey
Rainbow                     	Bent out of shape
Rainbow                     	Straight between the eyes
Ralph Towner                	Oregon
Ralph Towner                	Works
Ramones                     	Anthology
Randy Newman                	12 songs
Randy Newman                	Bad love
Randy Newman                	Born again
Randy Newman                	Good old boys
Randy Newman                	Guilty: 30 years of Randy Newman (box set)
Randy Newman                	Harps and Angels
Randy Newman                	Land of dreams
Randy Newman                	Little criminals
Randy Newman                	Lonely at the top
Randy Newman                	Pleasantville (ost)
Randy Newman                	Randy Newman (1968)
Randy Newman                	Sail away
Randy Newman                	Trouble in Paradise
Ray Conniff                 	Orchestra and Chorus
Ray Conniff                 	Singers
Ray Conniff                 	Themes of stage and screen
Rebekah                     	Remember to breathe
Refugee                     	Refugee
Renaissance                 	Renaissance
Rendell-Carr quintet        	"Live"
Rendell-Carr quintet        	Change Is
Rendell-Carr quintet        	Dusk Fire
Rendell-Carr quintet        	Live from the Antibes Jazz festival
Rendell-Carr quintet        	Live in London
Rendell-Carr quintet        	Phase III
Rendell-Carr quintet        	Shades of blue
Reverend Hammer             	Rev Hammer's Freeborn John
Ric Ocasek                  	Fireball zone
Ric Ocasek                  	This side of Paradise
Richard O'Brien             	Rocky Horror Show, with dialogue
Richard Thompson            	Amnesia
Richard Thompson            	Old Kit Bag
Richard Wright              	Broken China
Richard Wright              	Wet dream
Rick Wakeman                	Six wives of Henry VIII
Rizwan-Muazzam Qawwali      	Better destiny                                    	Nusrat's (Sufi) nephews
Robbie Robertson            	Contact from the underworld of Redboy
Robbie Robertson            	How to become clairvoyant
Robbie Robertson            	Music for 'The Native Americans'
Robbie Robertson            	Robbie Robertson
Robbie Robertson            	Storyville
Robert Crumb                	R. Crumb's music sampler
Robert Fripp                	League of crafty guitarists, live!
Robert Fripp; A Summers     	Bewitched
Robert Plant; Alison Krauss 	Raising Sand
Robert Wyatt                	Rock Bottom
Robin Trower                	Robin Trower portfolio
Roches                      	Another world
Roches                      	Can we go home now?
Roches                      	Dove, A
Roches                      	Keep on doing
Roches                      	Nurds
Roches                      	Roches
Roches                      	Speak
Rod Stewart                 	Atlantic Crossing
Roger Eno                   	Voices
Roger McGuinn               	Back from Rio
Roger Payne                 	Songs of the humpback whale
Roger Taylor                	Fun in Space
Roger Taylor                	Happiness?
Roger Taylor                	Strange frontier
Roger Waters                	Amused to death
Roger Waters                	In the flesh
Roger Waters                	Pros and cons of hitch-hiking, The
Roger Waters                	Radio K.A.O.S.
Roger Waters                	Radio waves (single)
Roger Waters et al          	When the wind blows (ost)
Rolling Stones              	Exile on Main Street
Rolling Stones              	Forty licks
Rolling Stones              	Jump back (remastered hits)
Rolling Stones              	Singles collection: the London years
Rolling Stones              	Steel wheels
Rolling Stones              	Undercover
Ron Geesin                  	A raise of eyebrows
Ron Geesin                  	As he stands
Ron Geesin & Roger Waters   	Music from 'The Body'
Ron Sexsmith                	Other songs
Ron Sexsmith                	Ron Sexsmith
Rosie Vela                  	Zazu
Roxy Music                  	Avalon
Roxy Music                  	Country Life
Roxy Music                  	Flesh + Blood
Roxy Music                  	For Your Pleasure
Roxy Music                  	Manifesto
Roxy Music                  	Roxy Music
Roxy Music                  	Siren
Roxy Music                  	Stranded
Roxy Music                  	Viva!
Roy Harper                  	...descendant of Smith
Roy Harper                  	Flashes from the archives of oblivion
Roy Harper                  	Lifemask
Roy Harper                  	Stormcock
Roy Harper; Jimmy Page      	Whatever happened to Jugula?
RPO                         	Music of Elton John
RPO                         	Music of Genesis
RPO                         	Music of Pink Floyf
RPO                         	Music of Queen
Rubén González              	Introducing Rubén González
Rufus Wainwright            	Poses
Rufus Wainwright            	Rufus Wainwright
Rupert Hine                 	Better off dead (ost)
Rupert Hine                 	Deep End, The
Rupert Hine                 	Formula, The
Rupert Hine                 	Hard hat zone
Rupert Hine                 	Immunity
Rupert Hine                 	Pick up a bone
Rupert Hine                 	Unfinished picture
Rupert Hine                 	Waving not drowning
Rupert Hine                 	Wildest wish to fly, The
Ry Cooder                   	Blue city (ost)
Ry Cooder                   	Boomer's story
Ry Cooder                   	Bop till you drop
Ry Cooder                   	Borderline
Ry Cooder                   	Chavez Ravine
Ry Cooder                   	Chicken skin music
Ry Cooder                   	Crossroads (ost)
Ry Cooder                   	Geronimo (ost)
Ry Cooder                   	Get rhythm
Ry Cooder                   	Into the purple valley
Ry Cooder                   	Jazz
Ry Cooder                   	Johnny Handsome (ost)
Ry Cooder                   	Live, 6 song album (CD-R)
Ry Cooder                   	Meeting by the river, A
Ry Cooder                   	My name is Buddy
Ry Cooder                   	Paradise and lunch
Ry Cooder                   	Paris, Texas (ost)
Ry Cooder                   	Ry Cooder
Ry Cooder                   	Show time
Ry Cooder                   	Slide area, The
Ry Cooder                   	Trespass (ost)
Ry Cooder; Ali F Toure      	Talking Timbuktu
Ry Cooder; Mahal, Taj       	Rising Sons
Ry Cooder; Manuel Galbán    	Mambo Sinuendo
Ry Cooder; Various          	Buena Vista social club
Röyksopp                    	Melody A.M.
Röyksopp                    	Understanding
Sadie Green                 	Ragtime Jugband Rub a Dub Dub
Sadistic Mika Band          	Black Ship
Sadistic Mika Band          	Sadistic Mika Band
Salif Keita                 	Ko-yan
Sandy Denny                 	Collection: chronological covers, classics
Santana                     	Greatest hits
Santana                     	Moonflower
Sarah McLachlan             	Surfacing
Sarah Vaughan               	Fever (Adam Freeland remix)                       	Amazon d/l
Savage Garden               	Savage Garden
Scott Joplin                	Ragtime piano rolls
Scott Joplin                	Scott Joplin & Kings of Ragtime
Scott Walker                	Climate of Hunter
Scott Walker                	Drift, The
Scott Walker                	Scott
Scott Walker                	Scott 2
Scott Walker                	Scott 3
Scott Walker                	Scott 4
Scott Walker                	Tilt
Screamin' Jay Hawkins       	Alligator wine
Seal                        	Prayer for the dying (single)
Seal                        	Seal I
Seal                        	Seal II
Seize the Day               	It's our world
Sergio Mendes               	Timeless
Seu Jorge                   	Cru
Seu Jorge                   	Life Aquatic - studio sessions
Señor Coconut               	El baile alemán
Shawn Colvin                	Cover Girl
Shawn Colvin                	Fat city
Shawn Colvin                	Steady On
Shawn Phillips              	Best of Shawn Phillips, The
Shel Silverstein            	Freakin' at the Freakers' Ball
Shel Silverstein            	Great Conch Train Robbery
Sheryl Crow                 	Globe sessions
Sheryl Crow                 	Sheryl Crow
Sheryl Crow                 	Tuesday night music club
Siegel-Schwall band         	Best of Siegel Schwall
Siegel-Schwall band         	Complete Vanguard recordings
Siegel-Schwall band         	Sleepy Hollow
Sigur Ros                   	Lek
Sigur Ros                   	O
Sigur Ros                   	Von
Simon and Garfunkel         	Bookends
Simon and Garfunkel         	Bridge over Troubled Water
Simon and Garfunkel         	Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme
Simon and Garfunkel         	Sounds of Silence
Simon and Garfunkel         	Tales from New York
Simon and Garfunkel         	Wednesday morning, 3 a.m.
Simon Rattle                	Jazz album
Simple Minds                	Glittering Prize
Sinéad O'Connor             	Am I not your girl?
Sinéad O'Connor             	Faith and Courage
Sinéad O'Connor             	I do not want what I haven't got
Sinéad O'Connor             	Lion and the cobra, The
Sinéad O'Connor             	Sean-Nos Nua
Sinéad O'Connor             	This is a rebel song + remix & 2 tracks
Sinéad O'Connor             	This is a rebel song + 2 live tracks
Sinéad O'Connor             	Universal Mother
Siouxsie & the banshees     	Rapture
Siouxsie & the banshees     	Superstition
Siouxsie & the banshees     	Tinderbox
Siouxsie and the banshees   	Once upon a time - the singles
Siouxsie and the banshees   	Twice upon a time - the singles
Skip James                  	Complete Early Recordings                         	Amazon d/l
Slobberbone                 	Slippage
Small Faces                 	Itchycoo Park (single)
Snakefarm                   	Songs from my funeral
Solomon Burke               	Don't give up on me
Songdog                     	Haiku
Songdog                     	Way of the world
Sonya Kristina              	Songs from the Acid Folk
Soulful Strings             	Groovin' with the Soulful Strings
Soundtrack of our lives     	Behind the music
Space                       	Spiders
Space                       	Tin Planet
Spirit                      	13th dream, The
Spirit                      	Clear
Spirit                      	Family that plays together, The
Spirit                      	Future games
Spirit                      	Mercury Years #2
Spirit                      	Potatoland
Spirit                      	Rapture in the chambers
Spirit                      	Son of Spirit
Spirit                      	Spirit
Spirit                      	Spirit of '76
Spirit                      	Twelve dreams of Dr Sardonicus, The
Spiritualized               	Ladies and gentlemen, we are floating in space
Spiritualized               	Lazer guided melodies
Spiritualized               	Let it come down
Stan Getz                   	Tempus Fugit
Stanley Clarke              	School days
Starseeds                   	Parallel life (single)
Steely Dan                  	Decade of Steely Dan, A
Steely Dan                  	Gaucho
Stephan Micus               	Darkness and light
Stephan Micus               	East of the night
Stephan Micus               	Implosions
Stephan Micus               	Koan
Stephan Micus               	Music of stones, The
Stephan Micus               	Ocean
Stephan Micus               	Twilight fields
Stephan Micus               	Wings over water
Stephane Grappelli          	Collection
Stephane Grappelli          	Gold collection 1934-1937
Stephane Grappelli          	Stephane's tune
Steppenwolf                 	16 greatest hits
Steve Earle                 	I feel alright
Steve Earle                 	Train a comin'
Steve Hillage               	Green
Steve Hillage               	L
Steve Hillage               	Motivation Radio
Steve Miller                	Best of Steve Miller band, 1968-1973
Steve Miller                	Greatest hits '74-'78
Steve Reich                 	Different trains/Electric counterpoint
Steve Reich                 	Drumming (complete - 1974)
Steve Reich                 	Music for 18 musicians
Steve Reich                 	Music for mallet instruments, voices & organ
Steve Reich                 	Proverb, Nagoya Marimbas, City Life
Steve Reich                 	Sextet/Six marimbas
Steve Reich                 	Six pianos (1974)
Steve Reich                 	Triple quartet, electric guitar phase, etc.
Steve Tilston               	Ziggurat
Steve Winwood               	Arc of a diver
Stevie Ray Vaughan          	Texas flood
Stevie Wonder               	In square circle
Stevie Wonder               	My cherie amour/Signed sealed & delivered
Sting                       	I was brought to my senses (single)
Sting                       	Mercury falling
Sting                       	Nothing like the sun
Sting                       	Ten Summoner's Tales
Stomu Yamash'ta             	Floating music
Stomu Yamash'ta             	Man from the East
Stone Age                   	Stone Age
Stone Age                   	Stone Age
Strawbs                     	Halcyon Days
Supersister                 	Pudding en Gisteren / Superstarshine
Supertramp                  	...famous last words...
Supertramp                  	Breakfast in America
Supertramp                  	Brother where you bound
Supertramp                  	Crime of the Century
Supertramp                  	Crisis?  What crisis?
Supertramp                  	Even in the quietest moments
Supertramp                  	Free as a bird
Supertramp                  	Indelibly stamped
Supertramp                  	Some things never change
Supertramp                  	Supertramp
Susan Tedeschi              	Just won't burn
Suzanne Vega                	99.9 F
Suzanne Vega                	Nine objects of desire
Suzanne Vega                	Solitude standing
Suzanne Vega                	Suzanne Vega
Suzi Quatro                 	Greatest Hits
Swingle singers             	Bach hits back
Syd Barrett                 	Barrett
Syd Barrett                 	Madcap laughs, The
Syd Barrett                 	Opel
Syd Barrett                 	Strange fruit (Peel session)
Taj Mahal                   	Señor Blues
Taj Mahal                   	Taj Mahal
Taj Mahal                   	Very best of Taj Mahal
Talking Heads               	Fear of music
Talking Heads               	Little Creatures
Talking Heads               	More songs about buildings and food
Talking Heads               	Naked
Talking Heads               	Radio Head
Talking Heads               	Remain in Light
Talking Heads               	Sand in the Vaseline
Talking Heads               	Speaking in Tongues
Talking Heads               	Stop Making Sense
Talking Heads               	Talking Heads: 77
Talking Heads               	True stories
Talvin Singh                	OK
Tan Dun                     	Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (ost)
Tangerine Dream             	Cyclone
Tangerine Dream             	Force majeure
Tangerine Dream             	Ricochet
Tanita Tikaram              	Ancient heart
Tanita Tikaram              	Sweet Keeper, The
Terry Riley                 	Arboreal antecedents
Terry Riley                 	Cadenza on the night plain
Terry Riley                 	Dorian marimba
Terry Riley                 	Rainbow in curved air, A
The Who                     	Quadrophenia
The Who                     	Tommy
Thin Lizzy                  	Lizzy killers
Thinkman (Rupert Hine)      	Life is a fulltime occupation
This mortal coil            	Filigree and shadow
Thomas Wilbrandt, Simon Jeff	Electric V. (Vivaldi)
Tim Finn                    	Before & After
Tim Minchin                 	and the Heritage Orchestra, live
Tim Minchin                 	Dark Side
Tim Minchin                 	Ready for this?
Tim Minchin                 	So Rock
Tim Rice                    	Chess
Tim Souster                 	Arboreal antecedents
Tim Souster                 	Song
Tim Wheater                 	Heart Land
Tim Wheater                 	In Unity
Tim Wheater                 	Sound Medicine Man
Tin Hat                     	Sad machinery of Spring
Tin Hat Trio                	Book of Silk
Tin Hat Trio                	Helium
Tin Hat Trio                	Memory is an elephant                             	2007/03/08
Tin Hat Trio                	Rodeo eroded
Tin machine (Bowie)         	Tin machine
Tir Na Nog                  	Tir Na Nog
Todd Rundgren               	A wizard, a true star
Todd Rundgren               	Anthology
Todd Rundgren               	Faithful
Todd Rundgren               	Hermit of mink hollow
Todd Rundgren               	Initiation
Todd Rundgren               	Runt
Tom Jones                   	Reload
Tom Lehrer                  	Tom Lehrer collection
Tom Paxton                  	Live in the UK                                    	from Carol
Tom Paxton                  	Live, in concert
Tom Tom Club                	Boom boom chi boom boom
Tom Tom Club                	Dark sneak love action
Tom Tom Club                	Tom Tom Club
Tom Verlaine                	Flash light
Tom Waits                   	Alice
Tom Waits                   	Blood money
Tom Waits                   	Early Years
Tom Waits                   	Heart of Saturday night, The
Tom Waits                   	Live
Tom Waits                   	Live, in concert                                  	2005
Tom Waits                   	Mule variations
Tom Waits                   	Nighthawks at the diner
Tom Waits                   	Orphans Tour, 2006
Tom Waits                   	Rain Dogs
Tom Waits                   	Small change
Tom Waits                   	Used songs
Tomita                      	Kosmos
Toni Childs                 	House of Hope
Toni Childs                 	Union
Toni Childs                 	Woman's boat
Toni Price                  	Hey
TONTO                       	Expanding Head Band
Tori Amos                   	Boys for Pele
Tori Amos                   	From the choirgirl hotel
Tori Amos                   	Little earthquakes
Tori Amos                   	Scarlet's walk
Tori Amos                   	Strange little girls
Tori Amos                   	To Venus and back
Tori Amos                   	Winter (single)
Total Film                  	Classic movie themes
Tourists                    	Greatest Hits
Tourists                    	Greatest hits
Tracy Chapman               	Tracy Chapman
Traffic                     	John Barleycorn must die
Traffic                     	Low spark of high heel boys
Traveling Wilburys          	Traveling Wilburys, Vol. 1
Traveling Wilburys          	Traveling Wilburys, Vol. 3
Tubeway army                	Replicas
Turtle Island Quartet       	A love supreme (legacy of John Coltrane)
Turtle Island Quartet       	Have you ever been...? (music of Jimi Hendrix)
Tyler Rix                   	Ascent
U2                          	Achtung baby
U2                          	All that you can't leave behind
U2                          	Joshua tree, The
U2                          	October
U2                          	One
U2                          	Pop
U2                          	Rattle and hum
U2                          	Unforgettable fire, The
U2                          	War
U2                          	Zooropa
UB40                        	Rat in the kitchen
UB40                        	Signing off
Ukulele Orchestra of GB     	Christmas album, 2008
Ukulele Orchestra of GB     	Live in London #1
Ukulele Orchestra of GB     	Live in London #2
Ultravox                    	Collection, The
Uri Caine                   	Diabelli Variations
Uri Caine ensemble          	Goldberg variations
Ute Lemper                  	All that Jazz: best of Ute Lemper
Ute Lemper                  	Punishing kiss
Utopia                      	Adventures in Utopia
Utopia                      	Oops! Wrong planet
Van Morrison                	Astral weeks
Van Morrison                	Avalon sunset
Van Morrison                	Back on top
Van Morrison                	Beautiful vision
Van Morrison                	Common One
Van Morrison                	Days like this
Van Morrison                	Enlightenment
Van Morrison                	Hard nose the highway
Van Morrison                	Healing Game
Van Morrison                	His band and the street choir
Van Morrison                	Hymns to the silence
Van Morrison                	Inarticulate speech of the heart
Van Morrison                	Into the music
Van Morrison                	It's too late to stop now
Van Morrison                	Live, at the Grand Opera House, Belfast
Van Morrison                	Lost tapes, The (2)
Van Morrison                	Moondance
Van Morrison                	No guru, no method, no teacher
Van Morrison                	Period of transition, A
Van Morrison                	Philosopher's Stone
Van Morrison                	Poetic champions compose
Van Morrison                	Sense of wonder, A
Van Morrison                	Skiffle sessions (live)
Van Morrison                	St. Dominic's preview
Van Morrison                	Story of Them
Van Morrison                	TB Sheets
Van Morrison                	Too long in exile
Van Morrison                	Tupelo honey
Van Morrison                	Veedon Fleece
Van Morrison                	Wavelength
Van Morrison; G Fame        	How long has this been going on
Van Morrison; Linda Lewis   	You win again
Vanessa-Mae                 	China Girl
Vanessa-Mae                 	Storm
Vangelis                    	Albedo 0.39
Vangelis                    	Heaven and Hell
Vanilla Ice                 	I love you (single)
Various                     	18 Jazz classics (4)
Various                     	1995 Realworld sampler
Various                     	1997 Mercury music prize albums (sampler)
Various                     	2001: a space rock odyssey
Various                     	20th Century Blues: songs of Noël Coward
Various                     	All the Blues you need
Various                     	American dreams
Various                     	American Indian Dance Theatre
Various                     	American Roots: the essential album
Various                     	And the beat goes on, #2
Various                     	And the beat goes on, #3
Various                     	And the beat goes on, #1
Various                     	And the times they were a-changin' (Dylan)
Various                     	And your bird can sing (Beatles standards)
Various                     	Angels in the architecture
Various                     	Anthology of cosmic music
Various                     	Any given Sunday (ost)
Various                     	Anywhere on this Road (2)
Various                     	Arabesque Zoudge 2
Various                     	August Rush (ost)
Various                     	Baby boomer classics
Various                     	Back to mine
Various                     	Badlands: tribute to Springsteen's Nebraska
Various                     	Bebop spoken here (4)
Various                     	Beginner's guide to world music
Various                     	Berlin, Gershwin, Porter
Various                     	Best of 60s mania
Various                     	Best of San Francisco blues live
Various                     	Best rock album in the world... ever!
Various                     	Big Chill (ost)
Various                     	Big Noise (sampler)
Various                     	Birth of the Blues (3CDs)
Various                     	Bis ans Ende der Welt (ost)
Various                     	Blue Series: 10 years celebration
Various                     	Boat that rocked (2)
Various                     	Born to swing
Various                     	Breath of Fresh Air (3)
Various                     	Buddhist chants and peace music
Various                     	Burt Bacharach collection
Various                     	Charisma Refugees (3)
Various                     	Children of the Sun
Various                     	Class of '96
Various                     	Classic songs of Jimmy Webb
Various                     	Cohen covered (MOJO)
Various                     	Conspiracy of Hope
Various                     	Cooking Vinyl sampler
Various                     	Daytrippers
Various                     	De-Lovely (ost)
Various                     	Down from the Mountain
Various                     	Down to Middle Earth
Various                     	Electric 70s
Various                     	Empire (magazine) classic movie music
Various                     	Encomium: a tribute to Led Zeppelin
Various                     	Engine room (history of jazz drumming)
Various                     	Evita (original concept album, 1976)
Various                     	Folk classics of the 60s and 70s
Various                     	Free CD, Coldplay et al
Various                     	Free CD, Franz Ferdinand et al
Various                     	Free CD, Groove Armada et al
Various                     	Free CD, Keane et al
Various                     	Free CD, New Order et al
Various                     	Free CD, Orbital et al
Various                     	Free CD, Paul Weller et al
Various                     	From Brussels with love
Various                     	Gandalf's Garden
Various                     	Gather in the Mushrooms
Various                     	Ghost Dog: way of the Samurai (ost)
Various                     	Ghost world (ost)
Various                     	Good morning Vietnam
Various                     	GQ's 'An Hour of free tunes n stuff'
Various                     	Greenpeace - the album
Various                     	Grosse Pointe Blank (ost)
Various                     	Hackers (ost)
Various                     	Harvest Festival
Various                     	Heroes and villains
Various                     	History of Jazz drumming
Various                     	Hittin' on all six (jazz guitar) (4)
Various                     	HMV April 2004 playlist
Various                     	Hotel Oriente
Various                     	Immediate singles collection (6CD)
Various                     	Indian harps - Harpes Indiennes
Various                     	Into the blue
Various                     	Island (records) story
Various                     	Jackie Brown (ost)
Various                     	Jagger/Richard songbook
Various                     	James Bond themes
Various                     	Jamming with Edward (Cooder + Stones!)
Various                     	Kill Bill (ost)
Various                     	Ladies sing the blues (3CDs)
Various                     	Late Junction compilation #1
Various                     	Late Junction compilation #2
Various                     	Lonely is an eyesore
Various                     	Looking for a new England
Various                     	Matrix (ost)
Various                     	Mercury Blues'n'Rhythm 1945-1955
Various                     	Midnight moods: lighter side of jazz
Various                     	Miles Espanol                                     	Amazon d/l
Various                     	Modern Jazz: from bebop to fusion
Various                     	MOJO presents Island Folk
Various                     	More great moments of vinyl history
Various                     	More Music from 'Northern Exposure'
Various                     	Mundo Afrika
Various                     	Mushroom Soup
Various                     	Music from 'Northern Exposure'
Various                     	Music from the 80s (4 tracks)
Various                     	Music without frontiers
Various                     	Natural Blues
Various                     	New Electric Muse (folk into rock)
Various                     	Now that's what I call music #4
Various                     	Nuggets - original artyfacts 1965-68
Various                     	Nuggets II - Empire artyfacts
Various                     	O Brother, where art thou? (ost)
Various                     	One world one voice
Various                     	Oriente world music sampler 2002
Various                     	Original mega jukebox hits (10)
Various                     	Playing by heart (ost)
Various                     	Plunkett & Macleane (ost)
Various                     	Plus from 'Us'
Various                     	Presenting... the great blues singers
Various                     	Psychedelia at Abbey Road 1965-1969
Various                     	Psychedelia: San Francisco legends
Various                     	Psychedelic Years
Various                     	Psychedelic Years Revisited
Various                     	Psycheledia & the Underground
Various                     	Q's 'Best of the best, 1997'
Various                     	Q's 'Now that's what I call free'
Various                     	Q's DCC CD
Various                     	Q's DCC CD II
Various                     	Q's mmmm... (18 tasty tracks)
Various                     	Q's Really Free
Various                     	Q's Splash!
Various                     	Q's Sweet Sixteen
Various                     	Q's World of Noise
Various                     	R&B at Abbey Road 1963-1966
Various                     	Real World 1995 sampler
Various                     	Red hot + blue (Cole Porter & AIDS benefit)
Various                     	Refugees
Various                     	Reich: remixed
Various                     	Relax! Ultimate 1980s tracks
Various                     	Riders on the storm remixes
Various                     	Rockin' 70s
Various                     	Rogues' Gallery
Various                     	Rollin' 70s
Various                     	Roots music: an American journey
Various                     	Roots: British & Irish folk music
Various                     	Rough Guide to Klezmer
Various                     	Rough Guide to the music of China
Various                     	Rough Guide to the Rough Guides
Various                     	Rough Guide: Out of this world
Various                     	Roundhouse Ghosts
Various                     	Routes: world folk music                          	+ r231
Various                     	Sacred Spirit: chants & dances
Various                     	San Francisco Blues live
Various                     	Second Earful (sampler)
Various                     	Shutter Island (ost)                              	Amazon d/l
Various                     	Signed sealed and delivered
Various                     	Silly songs, 1922-1934
Various                     	Sixties Apocalypse
Various                     	So long, baby!
Various                     	Some of my best friends, Ronnie Scott's
Various                     	Songlines Top of the world #68: June 2010
Various                     	Songs of 'West Side Story'
Various                     	Songs of Pete Seeger
Various                     	Sound of the City: New York
Various                     	Sound of the City: New Orleans
Various                     	Sound of the City: Chicago
Various                     	Sound of the City: Los Angeles
Various                     	Sound of the City: Memphis
Various                     	Sound of the World (World 2005!)
Various                     	South of the Border: sound of Tex Mex
Various                     	Southern State sounds: Southern R'n'B
Various                     	Sputnik 7 distribution
Various                     	Starman: covers of Bowie songs (Uncut mag.)
Various                     	Sun Records story
Various                     	Teenage rebels!
Various                     	The Beat goes on (10)
Various                     	Theme Time Radio Hour (Vol 2)
Various                     	Theme Time Radio Hour (Vol 1)
Various                     	Theme Time Radio Hour (2008)
Various                     	This is Charly R&B
Various                     	This Record is not to be Broadcast, Vol 1
Various                     	This Record is not to be Broadcast, Vol 2
Various                     	Tip Sheet #237
Various                     	Top Gear (4 CDs)
Various                     	Total Film sampler
Various                     	Transatlantic story (box set)
Various                     	Tribute to Cole Porter
Various                     	Twenty one-hit wonders
Various                     	Twilight: #1 (ost)
Various                     	Twilight: #2 New Moon (ost)
Various                     	Twilight: #3 Eclipse (ost)
Various                     	Twilight: #4 Breaking Dawn, part 1 (ost)
Various                     	Two rooms: songs of Elton John & Bernie Taupin
Various                     	Ultimate 60s collection, The
Various                     	Uncut 2000.6
Various                     	Uncut's Reel Music
Various                     	Us and Them: symphonic Pink Floyd
Various                     	Vertigo classics and rarities 1969-1973 Vol 1
Various                     	Virgin's 21st anniversary sampler
Various                     	Vision: music of Hildegard von Bingen
Various                     	We love the Pirates (2)
Various                     	Week or two in the Real World (sampler)
Various                     	Woodstock two
Various                     	Word #038
Various                     	Word #039
Various                     	Word #040
Various                     	Word #041
Various                     	Word #042
Various                     	Word #050 Greatest Hits Vol 1
Various                     	Word #052
Various                     	Word #053
Various                     	Word #061 March 2008
Various                     	Word #061: March 2008
Various                     	Word #063 May 2008
Various                     	Word #063: May 2008
Various                     	Word #065 July 2008
Various                     	Word #065: July 2008
Various                     	Word #066 August 2008
Various                     	Word #066: August 2008
Various                     	Word #067 September 2008
Various                     	Word #067: September 2008
Various                     	Word #068 October 2008
Various                     	Word #068: October 2008
Various                     	Word #069 November 2008
Various                     	Word #069: November 2008
Various                     	Word #070 December 2008
Various                     	Word #070: December 2008
Various                     	Word #071 January 2009
Various                     	Word #071: Best of 2008
Various                     	Word #072 February 2009
Various                     	Word #072: February 2009
Various                     	Word #073 March 2009
Various                     	Word #073: March 2009
Various                     	Word #074 April 2009
Various                     	Word #074: April 2009
Various                     	Word #075 May 2009
Various                     	Word #075: May 2009
Various                     	Word #076 June 2009
Various                     	Word #076: June 2009
Various                     	Word #077 July 2009
Various                     	Word #077: July 2009
Various                     	Word #078 August 2009
Various                     	Word #078: August 2009
Various                     	Word #079 September 2009
Various                     	Word #079: September 2009
Various                     	Word #080 October 2009
Various                     	Word #080: October 2009
Various                     	Word #081 November 2009
Various                     	Word #081: November 2009
Various                     	Word #082 December 2009
Various                     	Word #082: December 2009
Various                     	Word #083 January 2010
Various                     	Word #083: Best of the decade, Jan 2010
Various                     	Word #084 February 2010
Various                     	Word #084: February 2010
Various                     	Word #085 March 2010
Various                     	Word #085: March 2010
Various                     	Word #086 April 2010
Various                     	Word #086: April 2010
Various                     	Word #087 May 2010
Various                     	Word #087: May 2010
Various                     	Word #088 June 2010
Various                     	Word #088: June 2010
Various                     	Word #089 July 2010
Various                     	Word #089: July 2010
Various                     	Word #090 August 2010
Various                     	Word #091 September 2010
Various                     	Word #092 October 2010
Various                     	Word #093 November 2010
Various                     	Word #094 December 2010
Various                     	Word magazine's 50th CD
Various                     	World 2000
Various                     	World 2001
Various                     	World 2002
Various                     	World 2003
Various                     	World 2004
Various                     	World 2006
Various                     	World is not enough (007 ost)
Various                     	World music (Gramophone)
Various                     	World of music arts & dance - WOMAD
Various                     	World percussion
Various                     	Zabriskie Point (ost)
Various (Eno, Nico, Cale)   	June 1, 1974
Velvet Underground          	Andy Warhol
Velvet Underground          	Loaded
Ventures                    	Ultimate Collection
Verve                       	Urban hymns
Victor Jara                 	Manifesto, Chile September 1973
Vonda Shepard               	By 7:30
Vonda Shepard               	Songs from Ally McBeal
Walt Disney                 	Jungle Book (ost)
Walter/Wendy Carlos         	By request
Walter/Wendy Carlos         	Clockwork Orange
Walter/Wendy Carlos         	Sonic seasonings
Warren Zevon                	I'll sleep when I'm dead
Warren Zevon                	Life'll kill ya
Warren Zevon                	Mutineer
Warren Zevon                	My ride's here
Weird Al Yankovich          	Off the deep end
Weird Al Yankovich          	Permanent Record
Who, The                    	Quick One, A
Who, The                    	Sell Out
Who, The                    	Who's better, who's best
Who, The                    	Who's next
William Orbit               	Hello waveforms
William Orbit               	Pieces in a modern style
William Orbit               	Strange Cargo 1
William Orbit               	Strange Cargo 2
William Orbit               	Strange Cargo 3
William Orbit               	Strange Cargo Hinterland
William Russo               	3 pieces for blues band; orch                     	San Francisco SO, Ozawa
William Russo               	Chicago Jazz Ensemble (inc. Chicago Suite #1)
William Russo               	Kenton à la Russo
William Russo               	Street music, Op 65                               	San Francisco SO, Ozawa
Willie Nelson               	Teatro
Wings                       	Greatest
Wolf                        	Canis Lupus
Wonder Stuff                	If the Beatles had read Hunter...
Wonder Stuff                	Never loved Elvis
Woody Guthrie               	This machine kills fascists
World Party                 	Bang!
XTC                         	English settlement
Yardbirds, The              	Yardbirds Story (box set)
Yat-Kha                     	Re-covers
Yat-Kha                     	Tuva.rock
Yello                       	Complete new mix, 80-85, The
Yello                       	Flag
Yello                       	Race (single)
Yes                         	Classic Yes
Yes                         	Close to the Edge   ..
Youssou N'Dour              	Best of Youssou N'Dour
Zombies                     	As far as I can see...
Zombies                     	Odessey and Oracle
Zöhar                       	onethreeseven