2007 — 20 June: Attack of the plant proteins

Pollen just doesn't know when to stop. <Sigh>

Today's delivery knock at 8 o'clock was for flowers from Her employer. <Sigh>

I've noticed flowers shed pollen...

Oh dear... department

Given that delicious quote from Monsieur Zola yesterday, it's more than a little disappointing (listening to this morning's Woman's Hour on the BBC) to hear Watergate hero Carl Bernstein describing the devout Methodism of Hillary Clinton. (Nothing against Methodism, but I wouldn't like my son to marry one!)

Well, fancy that... department

My new hobby — while re-ripping a tedious mountain (1,254 and counting) of accumulated CDs, (many [it seems] for the first time) — is reading the "sleeve" notes1 (many [it seems] also for the first time) wherein I am now learning all sorts of arcane information. (Much unverifiable, I suspect, at this historic remove.) Today's cocked eyebrow award goes to Gordon Peacock, who informs me that Sonja Kristina "cracked the charts" from within the cast of Hair by 1978. Silly me; and all this time I thought she'd cracked the charts much earlier with her warbling in Curved Air. Best of all, this information accompanies the 1987 release of a Marsha Hunt collection: Walk on gilded splinters.

My abiding memory of this particular large-haired lady (Marsha, not Sonja!) is the ungilded wooden splinter (how appropriate!) I picked up in my bum, from the floor of the Hatfield Polytechnic refectory, when she commanded us all to sit down while she was the support act to the Pink Floyd in (if memory can be trusted) 1972 while they were busily refining what was to become The Dark Side of the Moon.

My other hobby, by the way, is filling in IBM Pensions Trust Beneficiary Nomination Forms for the Trustee to use "when deciding how to allocate any lump sum death benefits payable in the event of a retiree's death."2

In her element... department

Nothing like a good paddle to clear the brain, heh?




1  An exercise made easier by removing the so-called reading glasses and occasionally applying a magnifying glass.
2  Besides, obviously, reminding me of the lovely Monty Python dialogue:
Bring out your dead! Bring out your dead!
I'm not dead yet!
[Banging sound]
Here's one.
the writer expresses the hope that this exercise does not cause me any undue distress... Sweet.