2007 — 17 Apr: Time for the big switcheroo

A chap has his cracking point. Now that I've got...

...all (as it were) at my fingertips, it's time to simplify their cabling somewhat. Baby steps, of course, so I've just bought a neat little Belkin KVM1 to allow me to double up one keyboard, mouse, and the Dell 24" screen between the two machines that don't scream "Apple". The Dell's analog RGB input is thus given to those two, while its DVI input is used for the left hand half of the iMac's larger screen real estate. So although the clutter here still conveys the flavour, it will be no worse with the Ubuntu machine coming back on stream. Instead of using it as a door stop.2

Or that's the theory, at least. The tiny "Slug" network attached storage is due to see the light of day, too (finally).

Of course, She who must be adored has been asking obvious questions3 like, say, "why do you need all three PCs?" and "tell me again why you bought the [insert name of machine here] in the first/second/third place?" But a chap's gotta do what a chap's gotta do, don't you agree?4 Besides, I'm off to Novatech on Wednesday. Who knows what could happen next? Printer sharing? Scanner sharing? Who can say what evil lurks in the minds of scholars in their studies?

Thanks, Brian!

For sending me a link to the supplier of a little alarm clock ("Clocky") that runs away and hides! For that, I shall remind him of a radio documentary about his favorite TV comedy show, "Taxi", that he's probably missing as I type.


Wait! What the devil do I need an alarm clock for?! He also sent me this depressing reading for fans of Internet Radio. (Just hovering over the link is probably enough!)

Shelagh's mystery object

You may remember a recent passing reference to a new conveyance? Little did I suspect the telephoto zoom would ever be too large!


If you need a bigger clue, or wish to see a picture of Charlee's brand new stablemate, click here.

For my reader in NZ

Who was sufficiently "gobsmacked" by the back panel illustration of the Pioneer VSX-AX4ASi-iS (still a catchy name!) the other day that I just hope there's a kick to be got out of clicking on the following example of the species:

Small Yamaha

Day 165  


1  I also bought my cheapest, biggest-so-far (2GB) USB memory stick and an (unnecessary) extra monitor cable (since I couldn't see clearly what was inside the Belkin package — that's my story, at least). However, this cable has now been put to good use downstairs on the plasma screen as it's rather higher quality than the VGA cable I've been using.
2  Which reminds me: I found the camera tripod that had previously been used as the (same) door stop. It's not, sadly, as nice as I remember it being. (Is anything? — the past is a foreign country, remember.)
3  With surprisingly unobvious answers, if I'm honest. Feel free to help me out here!
4  You don't? Well this is no place for you, then!