2007 — 4 Mar: the study has been studied

The first two digipix have been taken, and transferred. If I can get the necessary round tuit, I will post evidence here shortly. But we are being summoned to join the other acolytes in our local Temple of Mammon, despite the pouring rain. Back shortly.

March study

The original image, as extracted from the Canon, has a rather scary pixel count of 3,888 x 2,592 but I've resized it to a width of 1,024 and cut the JPEG down to a quality setting of 67%. (Let me know if you spot the "Slinky"!) This one was snapped, by the way, very early this morning, using the built-in flash, "full auto" settings, and (happy to say) a decent quantity of white wine in the engine room, if not the bridge, after a pleasant meal shared with our neighbours, one of whom (having just been well and truly soaked, I suspect, at the Hursley Park car show this morning) has kindly sent me the following image of the Temple I mentioned above:


I really shouldn't read this... department

Speaking of Mammon, Yahoo's IBM insider trading transactions page can be endlessly, sickeningly, nauseatingly, oh, what's the word? I see, for example, that young Mr Palmisano has been taking his various share options out for plenty of exercise again. Of course, he's by no means the only IBM executive to indulge in this particular sport. On 1st February, he managed to acquire a handy 54,167 shares at $0 per share (non open market) and, on the same day,1 dispose of a set of 23,406 of the blighters (again, non open market) at a doubtless pleasant $98-57 each. Do the math!

From comments received, at least one of my readers is new since this item!

It was 20 years ago this week... department

That U2 released The Joshua Tree which, although I rate it highly, didn't do for me (that year) what Robbie Robertson or Pink Floyd's A momentary lapse of reason did. But where the heck did those 20 years go?

And ending on a lighter note

Just spotted this excellent aside towards the end of his "rant" about the MacBook by the author of Scrivener:

This isn't very interesting, is it? Well, tough, I need to get it out of my system, and if you're bored enough to be reading this when I very much doubt you have read the entire Penguin Classics collection then you can't blame me.

"kayembi", in Literature and Latte

Day 121  


1  Did he have time to do any work that day, I wonder? Say, off-shore a few more peons?