2007 — 5 Mar: safely attached

With thanks to Mike P (and apologies to anyone who's received attachments in Thunderbird emails from me as inline in the past) I have made the one-line fix to my email:

    user_pref("mail.content_disposition_type", 1);

Where it had been "0". Obvious, providing you know where1 to look!

And, speaking of knowing where to look, precisely one reader spotted the slinky in yesterday's "study" assignment — in a typically "type S" brain fashion, deciphering an adjacent book title, looking up its new style ISBN, and reporting that to me.

Gawd help us all department

A senior editor at US News and World Report, journalist Dan Gilgoff, (author of The Jesus Machine: How James Dobson, Focus on the Family, and Evangelical America Are Winning the Culture War) is talking right now on NPR's "Fresh Air" about the way US election candidates are finding it expedient to appoint religious out-reach co-ordinators to woo the votes of the "evangelicals" who basically retreated from active voting back at the time of the Scopes monkey trial. My goodness!

Further improved PLUGE-hole department

If SuperFi's email speaks truth, Mr Parcelforce will shortly deliver a new enigma wrapped in a mystery. That Helios DVD player with concomitant alphabet soup:

Alphabet soup

Compare and contrast!

Recent evidence of unsuspected acquisitive streak department

It occurs to me I've been remiss in my noting, though not everything in the following list is new, exactly:

Blast from the past department

Having reminded myself, on St. David's Day, of my school entrance exam, I thought it would be amusing to unearth an appropriate "snap" from Mater's family albums. Here's one I nicked earlier, showing (L to R) me (in the new school's uniform, natch), Dad (I'd forgotten his bow ties) and Big Bro (in, if memory further serves, exactly the same rig I remember him sporting on our holiday up in Shapinsay in summer 1959):

David, Dad and John

Day 122  


1  a) Click on Tools > Options. / b) Select the Advanced panel and then the General tab. / c) Click on the Config Editor button. / d) Scroll!
2  The book three titles below the Slinky, as it happens!