2007 — 16 Apr: Panic!

It's a fine thing (albeit very unusual) to watch two cracking DVDs two nights running. I very highly recommend Panic which dates from 2000; if you hurry (!) you may even find a copy in Borders (like I did) at £5-99. What a gem.

As for the radiator, it seems to be behaving itself. I suppose this is the season for "leeks" which, I also learned this week, have useful pre-biotic bugs in them (if not cooked too harshly, at least). I gather these are the bugs that the "good" bugs in our guts like to chomp on. Gawd knows what the "bad" bugs get up to.

Merciful heavens, how Time flows. It's a year to the day since I saw V for Vendetta (in the month when it was first suggested to me by my manager [now, what was he called again?] that my IBM job was on the march to India). Gee, I wonder how that's all working out?

Out on Safari

My Safari browser window (see "Oops!" yesterday) was still there all along. Anyone care to second guess me exactly where it was skulking? It's obviously time for bed...

Another mystery. Here's a list of Britain's top 50 most influential people who are not elected. Shouldn't I have heard of them all, rather than two-thirds? Shouldn't I "approve" of more of them than just seven?! What's going on in our society?

Charlee's double life

My neighbour's Charlee leads a second life less sedate than simply being parked "across the way". Evidence here by a photographer name of Peter Donaldson.

Farewell... Joan Wyndham

Writer of two wonderfully candid (some might say "shockingly" candid) wartime diaries "Love lessons", "Love is blue" only published in the mid-1980s when her younger daughter found them in the attic. And two volumes written much later. The Guardian obituarist suggests there may yet be an autobiographical novel, too. I surely hope so. This was one cool lady.

Matrix, anyone?

Now this is a cool front page to a site with much of interest. I particularly enjoyed this for the way it reminded me both of the original in Lewis Carroll and of the variant used on the paperback cover of one of my editions of Martin Gardner's "Annotated Alice". While this is an amusing rant from the late Chris Lightfoot on character sets in light of my troubles with Bernd Töst (Burnt Toast) a couple of days ago.

Day 164