2007 — 14 Apr: Home is the hunter from the... shops?!

With apologies to AE Housman and RL Stevenson for my heading today. Radiating calm confidence — that's the ticket, while we await this afternoon's arrival of our plumber with the unholey new radiator for Junior's room.

As for the shopping. Well, a chap has to do something with his hard-earned pension. Yesterday, for example, I decided Borders would be the recipient of my littlesse1 and there I stayed until the agreed rendezvous time. Mind you, had we known of the (fresh) sardine supper disaster that was still to come, we might both be there still, in the coffee-serving bit. It's not finny!

The final tally:

It's hard work being a completeist

Mr Postie's little shard of evidence this morning is a 2-CD set by Loudon Wainwright III from 1976 and 1978 that I did not even know existed. (Of course, no true completeist would ever admit such a thing.)

Pedantic? Moi?

Junior has just chided me about Aptana (whose help texts he worked on, I gather). He seeks to remind me:

[Aptana] ... is a text editor, not a bloody source control system or upload thing. It merely happens to have those as features — the former via the Subclipse wrapper to subversion, and the latter via an extension to Eclipse.

I thought you'd been called a pedant?

PC "Peter Mounce"

Well, that's told me! Perhaps we should fine him the cost of his new radiator?

Day 162  


1  What do you mean, this isn't the opposite of largesse?
2  Of this, David Wilson once wrote "Overall, this is an intelligent movie. Sadly, you'll have to visit some weird cinemas to see it."
3  Even after I'd laboriously pasted in a proper "ö" character stolen from the middle of somebody else's name into Mr Töst's name in the IMDB search field as I haven't yet found out how to create such accented characters directly on the iMac...