2006 — Day 44 - I hate rhinoviruses

They are nothing but a cowd in da doze. So tiny, and yet so lethal. I'd love to know how the Intelligent Design crowd seek to explain or justify the little horrors. I fear I'm with Yossarian on this one — how can you believe in the infinite goodness of a Supreme Being who found it necessary to invent phlegm???

Still, it gave me the horizontally-inclined low-energy chance to read Carradine's Kill Bill Diary last night which, in turn, finally inspired me to watch the first film of the pair early this morning, breathing being somewhat easier when I'm not so recumbent.

At this rate, I may even one day watch Reservoir Dogs, I suppose.

Must say it's nice to have a couple of tireless boxes downstairs busy watching three recently broadcast films for me. To be exact, copying them from one hard drive to another prior to cutting them (if indeed they "make the cut") to a DVD or two (after only slightly obsessively removing all the commercial breaks). Technology, heh?

17 December 2006