2007 — 13 Apr: Adept with Aptana

This Eclipse-based source control and upload system is all very well, and I'm getting sort of used to it, but I have to say that the combination of Cyberduck and TextWrangler on the iMac beats it for simplicity hands down. I mean, really, all I have to do is pick the file I want on the server, click to edit it, click to save it, click to edit all the typos I overlooked before I clicked to save it...

The first time I tried it, I spent more time than I care to admit searching in vain for the "now upload your edited file back to the server" button. I couldn't quite grasp just how simple the process had been made for me. Score several to the iMac (and Unix, of course).

Friday the 13th, heh?

Superstitious? Moi? I think not!1 Though I'm pleased the plumber isn't coming to replace Junior's radiator until tomorrow afternoon.

Mind you, my luck does seem to have run out in terms of leaving it slightly too long before buying a new minidisc recorder to last me for the next few years — at least, one with digital I/O instead of just digital input. I shall just have to swap round the upstairs and downstairs machines, I guess. The aim being to have the digital I/O in the more immediate vicinity of the various PCs, of course. And the desire being brought on by my present adventures with the Audacity recording and editing software. And the occasional misadventure, if I'm honest.

It's time to start properly investigating my iLife suite, I suspect. Starting with "GarageBand". But first, it's (nearly) time for the final piece of unfinished work by Alan Plater. What a nice chap! The matched pair of plays he wrote about the bringing of "railway" (standard) time to rural Wales in the 19th century is quite magnificent.

Thank you, Mr Postie

Two recent acquisitions:

My word! One could easily get annoyed with this software upgrading malarkey. In trying to upgrade my copy of Nero 7 on my XP system to the latest drivers etc. the process trashed the entire installation during the (inevitable) system reboot. The download of a replacement set of files (to go, I trust, with my carefully-saved copy of the registration serial number) has so far taken an hour and still has 17 minutes or so to go. A mere 175.6MB it seems.

"Nero 7 Premium Reloaded" indeed — shame on you, sir!

Day 161  


1  Touch wood!