2006 — Day 38 - this really won't do

It's after 1 a.m. and no diary entry. Tut. Tut. But I've only just finished recording the repeat of the Morgan Spurlock programme about the American tele-marketeer working in Bangalore for 30 days to see where his out-sourced job had ended up. Fascinating.

In literally later news

There is none, which means I can fall back on the normal UK whinge about the weather, of course. But it's Monday, it's wet, and I don't have to go to work. To quote from the closing lines of comic genius Donald E Westlake's 1970 masterpiece9 The Hot Rock:

"And some coffee. I insist." The Ambassador glanced over at the rain-smeared window. "Isn't it a beautiful day," he said.
   "Beautiful," said Dortmunder.

Donald E Westlake

The UK's Terry Gross

After watching Mark Lawson amiably chatting to Stephen King this evening I've decided young Mr Lawson is the UK's equivalent of NPR's Terry (Teresa, though she tends to pronounce it almost as if it starts with a "J") Gross with her generally interesting radio arts program "Fresh Air" — one of the finer things to come out of Philadelphia (though, come to think of it, The Philadelphia Story is also one of my Top 10 films).

11 December 2006  


9  Foolishly retitled in the UK when filmed (by Peter Yates) as How to steal a diamond in four uneasy lessons which wasn't even accurate as the gem in question was the "Balabomo Emerald"! I assume Hollywood executives (displaying the same intelligence that foisted DVD Regional Coding on the planet) decided Brits wouldn't understand the noun "rock". Or the adjective "hot". Or something...