2006 — Day 37 - Superfi rules!

I've ordered a new DVD/HD recorder from them, complete with Freeview (digital terrestrial TV for my Antipodean reader). I got fed up with the flashing under extreme conditions of the existing DVD player and have taken its behaviour as an excuse to oust it from the stack. Of course, my secret fear is that the video scaler is the real culprit (though as it's never shown the symptom on any other signal source that does seem unlikely). Besides, it's still under warranty, unlike the DVD player. We shall see.

I heard it through the grapevine...

...was Number #1 in the UK charts in December 1968. Good grief. Thanks for that, Uncle Bob (Harris). I must be getting old if I'm listening to BBC Radio 2, I guess. Still, I've also just ordered the Amy Winehouse album(s) and the 3xDVD set of the BBC's wonderful Oppenheimer series. I'm still amazed how effectively the transcripts of his 1954 security clearance hearing shone a nice bright light into the murky gloom of that dreadful period.

Owls are all very well...

...but what's happened to my dose of Reese Witherspoon? Good old BBC2. Make a plan, and don't stick to it. It had better not have been bumped for a docudrama about that bastard Chilean ex-dictator8 who's finally fallen off his perch.

Calm down, David! Tell us about your recent literary acquisitions while freezing your tootsies off in Eastleigh this afternoon, why don't you?

10 December 2006  


8  I liked the phrase by Wes Johnson appertaining to such "leaders": All the best (and by that, I mean those who manage to stay in office without military backing) world leaders... See more here.