2006 — Day 36 - last (pension) rites

Before I forget: happy (70th) birthday (yesterday) David Carradine. Another of my life's strange Koestlerian coincidences, it seems. Oops! Not only did I forget the full stop back there, I also belatedly realised the calendar on my wrist watch was a day out — shows how much attention I pay to the passage of Time, I guess.

Pension rites?

Yep. Safely pushed into the post box in time (I trust) is the letter containing all the necessary signatures to transmute (for some reason, the preferred verb is commutate) a lump of my accumulated mite into tax-free cash. I must say, the IBM pensions people were commendably quick off the mark, telling me what's what within one day of my final salary payment.

On the Border(s) department

Can't put it off any longer. Gotta checkout the new bookshop. Earlier to bed, therefore!

And the verdict is? Well, not as good a selection as the branch in Bournemouth, but a good place to browse for ninety minutes or so... Today's little heap:

The last two were courtesy of Amazon.

Anyone notice anything?

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9 December 2006  


6  Mine tends more (these days) to the "near-photographic" variety. Or, as the comedian put it: "I can remember anything near a photograph".
7  The fictional ones I recall were in Alistair MacLean's 1962 novel The Dark Crusader and Robert Heinlein's 1954 novel Starman Jones.