2006 — Day 39 - reasons to be cheerful: part 3

"Today's the day10 the teddy bears have their picnic;" or do I mean retirement dinner?

Actually, following chum Len's flying visit11 last night, there's another reason to be cheerful. He has lent us the Alan Plater series Get lost! which dates from 1981 and is (it seems) a prequel to the wonderful "Beiderbecke" trilogy in much the same way as The American President is a prequel to the sublime West Wing. And if you don't know what I'm talking about, you have missed some marvellous viewing.

After dinner speech

I thought a single verse of AP Herbert's After-dinner would be just about perfect for the no-longer-hungry little throng this evening (you know who you are; thank you all for coming!). It was republished in Laughing Ann and other poems and dates from (I suspect) the early 1920s; it first appeared in Punch12 — I'm tempted to say "obviously" but I guess that's not so obvious these days.

I will not make a speech tonight,
   I have not had sufficient wine;
It is not just, it is not right
   To ask a fellow out to dine
And treat him in this kind of way —
   I will not make a speech, I say.

AP Herbert

Nasty rumour re IE7 and my footnotes

I'm told my footnotes are still appearing squashed. Can the complainant point to an offending example, please? I thought I had squashed this squash bug... <Sigh>

12 December 2006  


10  Don't forget to record the Cult TV examination of Blake's 7 tonight! Servalan rules... (would you not agree, Ian?)
11  Did you manage to recover your XP system, or did you have to re-install that wonderful operating system? I think we should be told!
12  What on earth do people read in dentists' waiting rooms these days, I wonder?