2006 — Day 40 - in the Wilderness? Hardly!

A day without footnotes; how weird will that be, I wonder? I'll report in due course. Just now, I'm skulking upstairs while Christa has some visitors downstairs. (Think of it as a variant of Rattigan's Separate Tables.)

Koestler strikes again already department

Mr Amazon has just acknowledged the fact that I will be pleased to get my hands on the third piece of poesy from Felix Dennis who is chatting to Phill Jupitus right now about When Jack sued Jill (which, while SFW is apparently not safe for children).

Kipling's serving men updated department

I think I should acknowledge the lads & lasses who have been helping me for the past several days as I tidy up, and even try to extend, my CSS file. So, a tip of the hat to:

CSS experts

Ol' square eyes is back

The BBC's high-definition trial service is showing Code 46 tonight, so I shall get a chance to compare and contrast their telecine conversion with my standard definition DVD of the same film. Of course, there's always the possibility of the half-tone difference in pitch as NTSC (if that's what they start with) gets transmogrified into PAL, but what's a few Hertz among friends?

Done with IBM expenses department

A mere three signatures, and my manager can now rest easier in his ability to claim back the cost of last night's little repast. You've gotta love Corporate bureaucracies, and the way they focus unerringly on the essentials of office Life, nicht wahr?

13 December 2006