2007 — 25 Mar: the rites of Spring

Well, that's one mystery solved: the hour that goes missing when the clocks go forward is obviously the hour that I would have used some small part of to set in motion today's daily "jot".

As it is, we're now back from town and I'm clutching a mini-DVI to DVI Adapter1 with which I shall be able to connect my Dell 24" screen to the iMac and thus double the OS X screen real estate. Or that's the theory. Of course, this means the HP Media PC will be "downgraded" from DVI to analog but I expect I can live with that.

Scuse me, while I grovel round the back of one of my ordenador thingies for a minute or so. I foresee a re-boot in my near future.
Update: actually only needed on the XP machine's part. The iMac recognised/detected the extra screen and promptly decided how it wanted to use it. The only minor cavil (for now) is that, unless I logically "arrange" the two screens to match their real-world relationship, I will go quickly mad trying to move screen windows "off" the wrong side. But having the iMac's Dock on the extreme left means I lose it whenever I wish to see the XP screen. But then I guess it makes slightly more sense to single task with these blessed devices, fun as they are.


I mentioned (back here) that I now had the book of the website "coldbacon". The chap who put this together did a good job of re-capturing the essence of his site as book, but not (I feel) a completely successful one. He's just written to me asking what I think, so that's my next note, I guess. Is there no rest for the wicked?

When did Chandlers Ford become Winchester?

From a throwaway paragraph in the Lib Dems' latest news-sheet (which She had already crumpled and thrown away) I see that we've been moved into the Winchester constituency for the next election. Could it be that they think by moving the supposedly "posh" part [on the assumption (of course) that "posh" people vote Tory] they hope to tip the wafer-thin Lib Dem majority in Winchester into a Tory majority? I'm sure there's a word for this kind of thing. I'm not sure I wish to reproduce it on my website.

Too late, now... department

Chris Lightfoot (1978 - 2007). Site and blog links here.

Day 142  


1  Deliciously, the elegant £15 package warns me Requiere un ordenador Mac equipado con un puerto mini-DVI which suggests the Spaniards (or, my ignorance being pretty wide, the Portuguese?) are following the French in resisting the word "computer".