2007 — 18 Apr: Black Boxes rock

As I remarked, a chap has his cracking point. More to the point, I found, and (last night, after carefully clearing it1 with She) ordered, a new minidisc recorder that exactly met my unexacting specifications. Yippee!

Sony MD

We're off to see the... Novatech

Meanwhile it will all too soon be time to get dressed as I have a rendezvous with a man, a car, and a final destination in a warehouse on a grotty industrial estate quite near the seaside. They even sent me their latest email/catalogue this morning, bless. The lunch will be on me, unless I don't spill it. More later, in all probability. Ooh, my aching credit card!

Here it is, later...

While I was gadding about recklessly spending my pension on a tasty pair of external 320GB hard drives2 to be attached to the "Slug" (after taking technical counsel from Brian, I hope) and to the network to make them available to all the PCs within striking distance we did take the time to wander gently round Portchester Castle and refresh our inner men at The Jolly Sailor in Bursledon. What fine weather to do this in, too. Tomorrow, we have it in mind to fire up Charlee and go in search of a few wild orchids.

Meanwhile, poor ol' Christa works away, to the possible detriment of her health (she's seeing her "man" next week, probably). And the postie swings by while I'm out, dropping off a couple of items, including this month's peace offering from ERNIE. Swings and roundabouts. (Or should that be cheques and balances?)

Day 166  


1  I always do, of course. How do you think we've lasted this long? I take all the trivial decisions like, say, matters regarding world peace, Third World debt, inflation rate. She looks after all the more important stuff like, say, food, drink, clothes, housing, education, transport and what shall we watch tonight.
I assume you know the film I've mutated this from?
2  If, like me, you're shopping for Western Digital "My Book" drives, note that Asda charges about £40 more than Novatech for exactly the same drive. The price difference would buy you three 2GB USB sticks from Novatech, too, whereas you will be charged more than £50 in Asda for just one stick. Weren't they self-branding themselves as the "permanently low prices" outfit?