2007 — 10 Apr: the game's afoot, Watson

Lest yesterday's reference to "orchids" needs expansion, I can now excitedly reveal another part of the puzzle by showing you what may be the new conveyance for the camera-toting expotition:

Pam the Pale

Pale she may be, but isn't she pretty?

When Rupert met Tony

The title of today's fragments from Alan Plater's Hope Chest. Catch it again tonight all you poor workers unable to listen to daytime Radio!

When David met Evesham

I've just finished dismantling one of Christa's old PCs to remove its hard drive and the licence key. Mind you, the surgery entailed sufficient snipping and bending that the end result is fit only for the tip (aka Domestic Refuse Recycling Centre) later today. This is all in the (endless) pursuit of extra space and diminished clutter. Did I mention, lest you think I'm a wastrel, that the PC in question was already totally dead-in-the-water?

Those nice chaps at Apple sent me an email inviting me to disperse my fortune1 in their online store. Following a conversation with Junior at the weekend, I idly priced up a top-of-the-range MacPro since they have now finally made up their minds to make available an 8-core Xeon system:

An 8-core 3GHz MacPro with 4x 750GB SATA drives, 2x 30" displays and top graphics card (nVidia Quadro FX 4500 512MB), 16GB RAM, 2x DVD SuperDrives, Bluetooth & AirPort Extreme plus support contract. Total? Just £10,461.01 with free shipping!

UK Apple store, 2007

And they followed up with an invitation to a website survey all about "your new iMac". Though I duly filled this in, I suspect I am a long way along the curve from their more accustomed demographic. (You can always tell a Marketing2 chappie; you can't tell him much, though.)

Viewing advice

A far-flung reader asked for some TV-related advice leading to some extra links here.

He's at it again... department

Who he? Professor Martin McKee — that's who. He's generally too busy dashing around being useful to catch up on his blogging (which I first mentioned here) but happily he's been back on the blog, as it were. "Joe Bob Mounce" says do check him out.

Day 158  


1  I believe I've done this once this year!
2  Do I need to add I'm not thinking (particularly) of any ex-colleagues? Though I did share a Guinness (or two) with one, in a gay bar in Dublin. That's a different story!