2013 — 16 January: Wednesday

This morning's "score" being a mere -4C I shall remain contentedly confined to Technology Towers barracks.1 I'm pleased I nipped out when I did yesterday evening, though, as the local exit hill always suffers from an apparently unfixable continual trickle of surface water (except in the driest of summer droughts). This has obvious consequences when Mother Nature decides to go all Zanussi on us.

The wrong sort of Spring on the road, as it were.

Those were the days

Big Bro emailed me a photo of a sign from sunny Singapore that he reckons is worth a small fortune:


I must say I've often been bemused (Mao by Warhol, for example, or Liz Taylor for that matter — and don't even let me get started on Damien Hirst and the rubbish 'art' put out with his name on it!) by the values I gather people assign to 'stuff', but that doesn't make him wrong... De gustibus non est disputandum.

The sun is shining, and the temperature has correspondingly soared up... to -2C. An early 'lemonses' is called for.

Toesox rock

Some while back, I mentioned a minor ad spat featuring an attractive nearly-nude young lady wearing only "Toesox" for her yoga session. More recently (while up at my cousins a month ago) I spotted a pair of similar-looking socks being filled by my favourite son's toes. He said they were very comfy, and has kindly made good on his promise to send me some as my Xmas present — after just one reminder :-)


I assume these are the UK equivalent of the outrageously (too) expensive American ones. I am unsure of the meaning of "proprioception", but have yet to check it out. I doubt it's a term I shall have much (if any) need for in the rich tapestry of the remaining portion of my time on the planet. I can't yet agree the socks are "easy to put on" but I'm sure my performance will improve with practice. And I have absolutely no problem with the concept of socks as an Xmas present!

Nor with further cups of tea to ward off any mid-afternoon chill. It's only just crept above 0C outside.

Having mentioned chocolate...

... I've decided that I may as well break into the unopened pack of Christa's "After Eight" dinner mints that she'd stashed away, as there seems zero chance of her claiming them...


... and there's nobody else round here to do so. [Pause] I can also confirm that "Best Before July 2007" is probably accurate, though they do still seem to be edible.

Before I disappear...

... into my kitchen to weave yet another magical culinary spell (yeah, right!) this made me smile... somewhat:


"Sedentary and passive", that's me nailed. I was a fan of "QI", before essentially giving up broadcast TV a couple of years ago.

My "under" having been

... distinctly "whelmed" by The Pirates! In an adventure with Scientists recently I dipped a far more cautious, albeit 'Toetoe' sock-clad foot into Rango earlier this evening. I needn't have worried; I found myself thoroughly enjoying it on a number of levels. So much so, in fact, that I've just ordered a copy on Blu-ray to replace my £3 Asda DVD of last Thursday. Gore Verbinski manages nods and knowing winks to a whole batch of films and film clichés. Both the music and the computer animation are excellent. But I query the need for an animation stunt co-ordinator...

I may now even take another run at his earlier The Weather man though Christa and I both found that very depressing when first trying it, and gave up.



1  Unless/until I discover some vital missing food group, like chocolate and/or biscuits.