2006 — Day 13 - help! No more Sopranos

Not that I'm a telly addict, you understand. (Did you catch the interview between David Chase and Mark Lawson? It seems the character of Tony's mother Livia [while behaving much like the character of the same-named wife of the Emperor Augustus in I, Claudius] was closely based on Chase's own mother.)

If you can read this, the power is back on, the server is up and running, and all is well with my little cyber world. If you can't read this...

$9,000,000 for a portrait of Mao by Warhol? Truly this is a strange planet.

This modern life

Today's visit to Waitrose brought an unexpected bonus to counteract the dreadful "pork and game" pie for lunch: a freebie magazine showing and telling me how fabulous at forty-seven is the divine Emma Thompson. It's something to read while waiting for the wheels of HSBC to grind, I suppose. I must say I'm finding it curious how humourless are the people you deal with in our High Street financial institutions. Of course, it could just be that I don't take money as seriously as they do, though they're happy enough to take it away from me, with what would once have been called gay abandon.

I managed to turn one of the retirement gift vouchers into a trio of interesting magazines:

In an all-too-rare example of my being ahead of the curve, I already have a replacement light switch for the bathroom. Of course, it still means I have to remove the one that's failed, and for that I'm going to need a lot more light than I can currently bring to bear on the problem. Sparks may yet fly!

16 November 2006