2006 — Day 14 - and Seinfeld #7 is on the way!

Not only the Gang of Four, but also the Pirates Of The Caribbean 2: Dead Man's Chest film. My cup positively overfloweth. Now, if only I had any spare time...

Could be worse, I suppose. I mean, I could still be a working chap. By the way, is there anyone not trying to sell HD-Ready flat screen TVs in time for the upcoming paroxysm of consumerism?

He'd forget his own head if it wasn't screwed on department

Two tiny tomes to add to the bedside pile:

Sparks aren't flying department

In a pleasant change from yesterday's trio of power cuts (which did my server little good) I nipped up on an insulated stool and carefully replaced the bathroom light switch (so much easier than working out which fuse to pull from the junction box downstairs, I'm sure you agree). Mind you, I had to wait until she who must be adored was safely away otherwise I suspect sparks might well have flown.

Last time I got a mains shock was while wallpapering the upstairs corridor in my in-law's house (well, mansion would have been nearer the mark) about 30 years ago. And I had pulled the circuit breaker on that occasion, but had failed to factor in the German electrician's werkmannship. The wrong side was left live, as I discovered through the wet-with-paste wallpaper brush and its metal handle.

Raindrops keep falling

The state of Intellectual Property being what it is, I think it safer to truncate my last heading for today before the Sundance Kid shows up and shoots my hat off. Pity my poor neighbour Peter, however, who was (as he put it) supposed to be driving down to the Exeter Car Show in an open, one-and-a-half-seater three-wheeler that he calls (for reasons I have yet to explore) "Charlee Pembleton".

17 November 2006