2007 — 7 June: today's the day

aka Christa's return home1 — so, where did I put that duster? And is that a large sleep deficit over in that corner? Under the pile of unread newspapers. Still, we'll be able to show her at least three blossoms on the neighbour's bottle brush tree — even if it's that that has been causing the hay fever to kick into miserable life. (Which I doubt.)

Near-midnight update: She's fine so far; a couple of small walks, a light lunch, a light "tea", pottering around, staring at all the cards and messages, but with no spare energy to tackle them yet (understandably). And so to bed! And the ripping goes on...


Crikey. It's so long since I embedded an image I almost forgot how to. In fact, let's do one of these too:

Today's mystery object

In thumbnail form...

Small mystery

And if you need a bigger clue.



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