2007 — 6 June: what a ripping time I'm having

Well, she did ask me how the CD ripping was going when we spoke late yesterday evening. She knows me better than anyone else does.

Less of a one-track mind; more of an 11,641 track mind so far. Seven boxes processed out of 18 or so, too. Score here. 785 CDs1 and still counting.

She rang just as I was finishing breakfast2 to report successful completion of same on Her part — She is evidently bored almost witless, which I take to be a very good sign. Whenever she's been bored in the past she always ends up doing something about it, and the results are often interesting. Though not always convenient or comfortable for me.

More orchids scored

We found our thrill... on Shawford Hill. Name: Dactylorhiza fuchsii aka Fragrant something or other. A little cluster of just over half a dozen we stumbled across in the last stages of a Last of the Summer Wine amble round after a pub lunch at the Bridge. We'd made a lunchtime visit to Christa to break up her day a bit. Now just back from the evening visit. I spoke to the consultant who is keeping her in for one final night "just to be sure" since he's now seen what happened (twice) when he let her out too soon.

So, mid-morning tomorrow, I take delivery of a precious parcel and convey her speedily home. Yippee! Remind me to tease Len about the flowers he sent that cause me to tear up mightily.



1  784 really. I've already decided to go with the remastered version of Pink Floyd's "The Final Cut". I can still remember buying this on vinyl (initially) in Bad Kreuznach (and replacing that cheap Italian pressing with an English one when I got home a week later).
2  Did you realise good ol' snap, crackle and pop now comes shaped like miniature Michelin Men and, sadly, is now completely silent when the cow juice is added?