2007 — 5 June: David is happy today

Even happier than yesterday. Must be: slept like a log more or less right through the night. Now there's a rarity.

While I don't think I can "spring" She who must be adored from hospital until tomorrow, I live in hope. As does She, of her first solid food today at lunch time. Simple pleasures are among the best, don't you agree?

The only sermon that seems appropriate today

Is the item True to His Tongue by Barry Glassner, a sociologist writing on the topic of culinary correctness in his book The Gospel of Food.

Meanwhile, alas, poor Christa is still literally being drip-fed. But, this evening she was finally allowed to vary the diet with a whole slice of toast. All going well, she will be released into my custody (custardy?1) on Thursday. This must be one of the longer over-night procedures, I'm guessing.



1  Custard is, after all, Crimean invalid food.