2007 — 4 June: Pardon? I heard that!

The dawn chorus is pretty stirring stuff at around 4 a.m. in these parts. Those of you old enough to remember Peter Tinniswood's A touch of Daniel should get the other reference in my heading. Christa's sluggish innards finally appeared to be kicking back into life without (so far) further surgical intervention. Maybe mine will, next?

Life, heh?

She has the all-clear

The radiologist is happy, the consultant is happy and relieved, I am approximately two parsecs beyond the orbit of the moon, and the girl pronounces herself tired and hungry. Seems there was more bruising and dehydration than they allowed for. So: no further surgery, no sinister growths lurking in, as it were, the undergrowth, and an effective hernia repair. Her future diet will be slightly restricted and modified; that is a tiny price to pay, trust me!