2007 — 8 June: time to hit the shops

It's amazing, in some ways, how long I can live like a squirrel on stored foodstuffs, but the monotony gets to me in the end. So, out with the car for the first time in two weeks — I get to do all the lifting and carrying and She gets to do all the ordering and ferrying. This is great!

In other news

Deliciously little to report, but it's all looking good and all systems seem to be "go". Must remember to take the latest DVD-R batch of House off the cooker downstairs, too. Aaah, the delicious feeling of things almost getting back to what passes for normality around here. However, I note from the article here that, while "Jack" is currently the number one choice of baby boy's name here in the Benighted (or is that "Untied"?) Kingdom, number two (in 14 variant spellings) is "Muhammad". Ahead of "Thomas", "Joshua", and "Oliver".

When I was a lad, "David" was a clear winner of course.

Who's a pretty boy?

Spotted, against this afternoon's sultry skyline, and cleaned up a tad in Photoshop and Fireworks...


Are you sure this matches the Kama Sutra?

Spotted, in a water-butt, and (not) cleaned up a tad...

Damsel flies

This chap was just cruising by

Spotted, in a water-butt, and brightened up a little...

Water boatman