2007 — 28 May: not the best of nights

She had (possibly) the same stomach-churned reaction to anaesthesia as she's shown before, (possibly) compounded by something the pair of us disagreed with after ingestion yesterday lunchtime... So, once again baby steps, and simple food, and plenty to drink, and sleep above all else. Besides, the weather is so unlovely, what were we going to do? Junior did the smart thing, flying out to the Med for a long weekend. Tomorrow will be better.

That re-ripping — part n of ?

Did I say a whole box of overlooked1 CDs? I mis-underestimated, as the leader of the Free World might put it!

Four boxes now re-ripped, and just over 13 to go. The score at this point is just over 7,500 music tracks extracted from the CDs2 in said four boxes.
Update: 8,587 tracks at beddy bye time. Yawn!

I can't be more precise about the number of CDs because of my doubtless over-complicated subdirectory structure... But my database (which, this time round, I've had the wit to keep carefully in line, one by one, with the re-ripping) can be persuaded to display just the subset of titles that have now been transformed into MP3s, and is reporting 587 titles (quite a few of which conceal more than one CD beneath them). En passant, I noticed (when ripping the Buggles) that their second release ("Adventures in Modern Recording") came and went as a Japanese CD before I managed to snaffle a copy, and so is now only available, second-hand, from $95 or so!

Close study by my keener reader will reveal that I've also switched my naming technique (mostly!) to the first name last name sequence that strikes me as so unnatural after three decades of computerised lists. While I'm sure there's a perfectly logical explanation for the occasional "MP3" among the satisfyingly long list of "mp3" it eludes me at the moment, and is certainly not top of my list of things to do today.



1  At least I found (nearly) all the Peter Gabriel CDs.
2  Not to forget the two CDs of Sixteen Horsepower that Mr Amazon obligingly deposited on the doorstep a couple of days ago (with one more still in flight).