2007 — 29 May: and so (not) back to work

A better night, but She still needs time, it seems, for her innards to recover. Still no fever, so the troubles are (I hope) more mechanical than anything else. Dr Mounce prescribes a day of intensive bed-rest and TLC (though she gets that anyway). Pity; she's missing some grand sunshine out in her garden paradise. And we can probably predict that won't last.
Update: To my considerable relief, the surgeon is going to X-ray her and see her tonight as this is the third day she's been unable to keep any food down. What a horrid nuisance this all is!

Meanwhile the household's (temporary) worker goes off on his round of household chores. Newspaper bills to pay, doctor's notes to deliver. Nor, as I've lamentably discovered, do shiny surfaces dust themselves, though it's time they learned how to. It seems further CD ripping will have to take a back seat for a while. Now, where's that copy of Mrs Beeton?