2007 — 30 May: the waiting game

She's now back in hospital, which is much the best place while her battered innards slowly sort themselves out. Plus the drip gives her nourishment in a way that (until 5 or 6 this morning) she can generally retain. (More than I managed.) I now have to placate the insurance company on a day to day basis — a chap needs a hobby, specially when he's retired. Still, She sounded bright on the phone and we await the consultant's next move. Elderly relative has been brought up to date, as has more local elderly friend. (Elderly folk worry,1 you know.) Breakfast has been forced down; correct coloured bin has been wheeled out for emptying tomorrow.
Update: Just checked in by phone. She's still on the drip, feels better, dozes, and had yet to hear any words from on high. Good to hear her, though! Must be time for lunch.

What's next? I wonder. Well, not much cheer in today's Guardian capped, if you please, by an obituary for the amiable Terry Hall (the voice "beside" Lenny the Lion). Still, at least I learn that the young David Bowie was also a fan.



1  So do less elderly, of course!