2007 — 27 May: no rush, gently does it

Aah, the calm, tranquil world of the post-operant. She's lazing in bed over a New Statesman article while I race around catering to her every whim. Just as it should be, I guess.

That re-ripping

The process last night turned up a whole box of overlooked1 CDs — at this rate, I shall soon be starting to wonder if my 320GB drives are going to be big enough!

Is that Hornblower on the horizon?

She has her eyes on the 1951 Gregory Peck film later today, it seems. And now she's actually back at her PC, but not working — she's been "signed off" for two weeks. I'm "signed off" for rather longer, of course. (Tee hee.)



1  "Overlooked" in the sense that, although they'd all made it onto minidisc, they'd not made the second leap into MP3 format.