2016 — 9 May: Monday

Sooner or later1 you realise it's now 09:00 and you have to ask yourself "what the hell happened to the last couple of hours?" and "where's my breakfast?"

Of course, only you can answer those questions. I'm busy. Making breakfast.

Judging by...

... the "For Sale" sign that's just been hammered into my next-door neighbour's front lawn — and always assuming the house sale goes through — I may soon be welcoming the fourth set of occupants into that house since I moved here in July 1981. Honestly, I'm starting to feel a bit like the Vicar of Bray! I've for some time now been the longest-resident, erm, resident.


... I've just updated the screen shot of the Ubuntu 16.04 process monitor running on Skylark that you can see here, transferring the captured image over from Skylark to BlackBeast for editing by just about the laziest route imaginable: a FileZilla SSH file transfer literally from desktop to desktop. The level of FileZilla on Ubuntu is also well ahead of that on Mint, by the way. Just sayin'.

And it seems my bank2 only ever writes to me for one of two reasons:

  1. Once a year, to solicit my vote of approval for the increased pay packets of the Board, or
  2. At least once a year, to tell me they have once again "had to make the difficult decision to reduce certain rates".

Mine, that is. Of course, I'm free to shop around, or lock funds down for a fixed period, but somehow I always seem to have more, erm, interesting ways of spending my time. And money, for that matter.


Well, not exactly! Just as fabulous, though:


67 minutes of choral beauty from the Tallis Scholars.

Mr Logistics also dropped off several hours of good reading:

Two books



1  When unproductively engaged in tinkering with a large set of supplied Linux desktop themes to find one you can live comfortably with after toning down at least some of its more garish attributes and counter-intuitive properties and behaviours, for example.
2  Actually the Building Society that has just increased its age limit on mortgage borrowing to 15 years above the "three score and ten" that the good book supposedly allots to us.