2015 — 30 March: Monday

If the election campaigning only officially starts this morning, what on earth have they all been jabbering on about until now? :-(

One who claims to know...

... about such things, claims there shouldn't be any difficulty allowing BlackBeast to get all chummy with the Linux Bodhi distro. Easy for him to say, but I'd better not risk the loss of a stable system while I still face the imminent prospect of more Probate-related gorp. After all, that may end up being to the mutual small-scale financial advantage of me and Big Bro1 a few months down the line.

I find...

... much to like here. Could be just me, I guess.

Mr Postie has just dropped off the letter from NZ 'reserving' Big Bro's right to be an Executor, and a refund cheque from the care-home boosting the value of the estate by a very useful £592.055 each in due course. (I don't so much mind gorp like that, I must admit.) And my Blu-ray of "Interstellar" (a film I shall enjoy re-watching) is due here on Wednesday. Cue a celebratory cuppa, methinks.

It (belatedly) occurred to me...

... that I could at least check to see when (or if) my Probate application £20 Special Delivery package was actually delivered. I'm a trusting2 soul.

Special Delivery package

It was :-)

My pre-prandial...

... task was to offer advice on Probate (me? right!) to a chum who's just lost his equally elderly mother. I've decided my post-prandial reward will therefore be to write up the chaotic set of notes that detail exactly how my present Linux Mint 17.1 MATE PC arrived in its present, splendid state. I have a suspicion such notes will come in mighty useful next time when I've done something stupid that demands another OS installation. (Not "if", notice.)

They will also help if and when I decide to experiment any further with window managers, desktop managers, file managers, or even complete distros, and it all goes horribly pear-shaped. Such pear shapes were always my worst fear when running a Windows system — I know just enough to know how very little I know about surviving for very long when wandering through that inhospitable swamp of implacably user-hostile Ancient DLLs and inscrutable Registry entries.

The fact that my bank account is now £3,076 lighter this afternoon is also compelling evidence that both my recent cheques (Probate fee and funeral) have been cashed. Progress, of a sort.

45 minutes...

... is disgracefully little time to devote to a mere three "neglected women writers" of SF. But it's (probably) better than nothing. (Link.)

I'm hungry... "Feed me, Seymour!"

My first stab...

... at describing how to set up BlackBeast is ready. In time, I hope, for my next disaster! It is, as they say, a work in progress (for now, at least).



1  He'll soon be able to afford to buy our half-aunt a replacement DVD of a local NZ Sea World-type attraction he gave her while she was recently on a trip downunder. He bought her what, from the sound of her plaintive email, must have been a Region 4 DVD that won't play in the UK without a software helping hand. (Perhaps I should let him sort that out.)
2  Translation: where the hell did I put the receipt with the tracking barcode number? Found it.