2014 — 31 August: Sunday

My chum in Winchester has advanced to match my own great age this morning, poor fella :-)

Meanwhile, I note...

... that despite being blissfully unaware of "new insidious ES6 constructs"1 introduced in Firefox 34 (my copy reports itself as 31.0) the Anti-XSS protection in NoScript is already on the case.

Oh my!

BoJo v the boy Dave

Talk about the lesser of two weevils! (Actually, it was "Tory voters", not the "public" used in the headline. Naughty Observer.)

In happier news...

... my eagerly-awaited copy of this has been on pre-order for a while.

Another mystery...

... bites the dust in Racetrack Playa. (Link.)


... I miss my guess, that's a pair of PMC loudspeakers visible behind Guy Garvey here — I recognise the spikes on the base fittings — as Jesca Hoop does a grand job of "sitting in" for him this afternoon. Though she did get Jeff Buckley's first name wrong.

I've now added the new Tablet PC to my section on "Bits and PCs".

Idly browsing...

... some of the vast thicket available to the, erm, idle browser I can barely describe the sinking sensation as I stub my mental toe on this sort of, erm, stuff:

Numbers and the innumerable

Tell me again what "innumerable" means.

I may be slow...

... but I generally get there in the end. The common factor linking some curious (for me) omissions from my 'gallery' of video disc artwork files revealed as I've been tidying up things and copying files to the new toy — I'm beginning to conclude — is that they are titles I've picked up from a bricks and mortar establishment rather than via cyberspace. There is thus no email 'audit trail' of my order and its delivery progress to keep me on my toes. Last March, for example, I noted my acquisition...

BDs and DVD

... of the second instalment of "Hunger Games" in the form of a discounted Blu-ray from Asda. And, indeed, I've twice watched it. But there it wasn't in the subfolder boringly labelled "H".

Obviously, I scanned the front cover for the thumbnail back in March, but I failed to follow through. Not good enough, David.

The dispiriting political analysis (of what's happening in the Ukraine) coming out of NPR Berlin is hardly conducive to my evening digestion.

The last time...

... I watched this film — after I'd spotted a trailer for it on the Dutch pressing of "Ten Inch Hero" — was about a week after it was delivered, in March 2011.

Purple Violets DVD

I've just re-watched it, and I must say I enjoyed it very much more "second time around". Very appropriate, given the marketing tag line.



1  I've not even bothered to ask Mrs Google what they are. [Pause] ECMAScript 6. Of course. How obvious. And how nice not to have to bother my elderly head with such stuff.