Three years further along the Android Tablet road, I now have a lot clearer idea of what I personally want from such devices. Oddly, a keyboard hasn't turned out to be one of them. Hence this latest (August 2014) Tablet PC. It's neater, thinner, faster, smaller, lighter, and altogether a whole lot oomphier1 than its predecessor.
Update: Currently (August 2015) I await a free replacement unit as my original SHIELD has just been recalled by nVIDIA. In 4 units out of 88,000 or so the type of battery fitted in my SHIELD has been subject to "thermal runaway".

Streaming A/V files wirelessly from either of my NAS boxes it makes an excellent video jukebox. And, of course, it brings me web and email access anywhere in the house, burping discreetly at me whenever an email arrives. Although I still (marginally) prefer the printed page, it's an excellent e-book reader, and a pretty decent MP3 player.


It has a very nice stylus, too. Needless to say, I won't be playing any games on it. I can hear Junior saying, "Dad! What a waste!"


1  The effect, no doubt, of a 192-core graphics SOC tucked away inside it. Plus a quad-core main processor.