2013 — 1 November: Friday — rabbits!

Having learned1 that one should "think only of the past as its remembrance gives you pleasure" I would generally wish to overlook the fact that it's precisely six years since Christa's move from hospital to hospice for her last few days. It's not quite how my weird memory works, however. Not, at least, where Christa was involved.

Moving right...

... along, therefore, I was not very amused to see the changed behaviour of BlackBeast during booting this morning. Now that the refreshed driver on the supplementary graphics card "knows" there's a third screen potentially back in play (even though that screen [aka my TV] is currently disconnected2 to stop misguided application windows (yes, Mozilla Firefox, I'm talking about you) trying to show up on it while the 60" Kuro is switched off) Dell #2 of 2 remained stubbornly in standby throughout the gentle stirring back into life of the rest of the system.

Macht nichts, it seems, as Dell #2 finally woke up (though still remained blank) when the "new, improved" Start screen settled down on Dell #1 a few seconds later. There's obviously a signal handshake timing discrepancy between a DisplayPort connection and a DVI connection that is enough to allow the DVI-connected Dell to convince itself it can slip back into silent slumber.3

I see one of...

... my former banks (which I and my fellow tax payers now haplessly own 81% of, having poured £45,000,000,000 of pretend money into it) still somehow has £38,000,000,000 of toxic assets on its battered books but will handle the problem internally. I can't say that that, and the news of a £600,000,000 loss there in the last three months, exactly fills me with confidence that the financial crisis in that bank is done and dusted. However, I must (as ever) bow to the infinitely superior wisdom and well-informed opinions of the splendid public-schooled moron elected guvmint minister currently "in charge" of such things. This week. "A bank that is batting for Britain". What a dunce!

I shall therefore relax :-)

Following my quick...

... whizz into Eastleigh to offload Uncle ERNIE's latest pittance into my bank, I returned through a mostly-dodged shower, and am now contemplating a program sandbox. Though I don't feel quite that paranoid — yet. (Link.)

I declined the chance to pick up a half-price hardback of the "modern" Sense and Sensibility written by a distant relation of Anthony (The Pallisers) Trollope.

Although willing...

... to concede the possibility that this comfortably cat-atonic chap could well be my chum Boris taking his ease yesterday afternoon...

Cat at ease

... I remain convinced that there might be a sequence or two of the Ponginae lurking in his genome.

Being now...

... the contented container of a pleasant curry I picked up yesterday, I can (I trust) face an evening of quiet digestion. Though I don't think I shall emulate Boris :-)

Some while ago (well, December 2006) I caught a Morgan Spurlock TV documentary about an American tele-marketeer working in Bangalore for 30 days to gain a better understanding of out-sourced jobs. I suspect it also provided (or, possibly, was) the inspiration for an enjoyable film from that year: "Outsourced". I've just ordered the complete set of these TV documentaries.

Morgan Spurlock TV docs



1  From my personal philosopher "Lizzy" Bennet, of course. (I can't afford, and don't want, a personal trainer!)
2  As far as the Display Manager properties are concerned.
3  Unlike me. This year's clock change has affected me more than ever before.