2011 — 29 October: Saturday

Good grief! Is that the time?1 (01:01 and a tiny bit) — g'night. After all, I've now lined up a walk for which I'll need to be energised later this morning. This will never do.

My father...

... did a daily commute, by car, from Harpenden into Moorgate for many years. His large, comfortable, saloon cars and his radio listening lessened the strain of all the miles he clocked up (though the Castella cigars no doubt had a large part in the bronchial cancer that killed him in 1975). And I suspect he felt about John Dunn the way I feel about a slightly frail-sounding Brian Matthew, who is now back with his "Sounds of the 60s" programme. So I guess it's true: if we live long enough, we become our fathers :-)

It's 08:26 and there are some amazingly dark clouds up there despite a forecast of "relative" dryness. We shall see soon enough.

It stayed dry

And now, some 6.3 miles later, it's definitely time for some lunch.


I've just been listening to one of the two items I found wedged into my venetian blinds delivery holding area while I was trotting around in the fresh air a few hours ago. It's a new double CD from Peter Gabriel of orchestral and instrumental "re-takes" of some of his material. That was while I was leafing through the book on Alan Moore (excellent, by the way) and while downloading a 1.5GB zip file containing 24-bit FLAC versions of the same Peter Gabriel music — a reward, it seems, for actually buying the physical CDs.

I appear to be more open to emotions these days. In fact, I was in some danger of tears dropping onto the book at one point. Music is funny, funny stuff. But I highly recommend the album.

The other item? A film that sounds very much like a fictional variation on the fascinating TV documentary by Morgan Spurlock I caught in December 2006.


Tea, Mrs Landingham? Yes, why not?


Just re-watched "Ghost in the Shell" in its latest Blu-ray incarnation. Pretty cool.



1  Alas, yes, far too late for a bedtime cuppa.