2006 — Day 34 - a spoonful of Quark

I'd been wondering if I should buy a second copy of Computer Shopper to get a second (uniquely-labelled) CDROM with that DTP software on it for my Antipodean traveller. Turns out he got back in time to get his own copy. It is, by the way, amazingly similar to my all-time favorite Impression II by what was once called Computer Concepts. But that, of course, only ran on an Acorn RISC machine. <Sigh>

Good grief! It's 09:29 and I'm still in my jim-jams! And I've only read the IT supplement, not the broadsheet section. This will not do...

Plus I must remember to "Humax" the repeat showing on Sunday of last night's fascinating More4 programme that took a recently-outsourced American over to Bangalore so that he could see for himself both where his job had gone and (ironically) work for a month in a call-centre (his genuine accent helped him get the gig).

Charge of the Customs Brigade

Don't you hate it when Mr Postie drops a card through the letterbox tantalising you with news of a packet that cannot be delivered because of a Customs charge? And charges you £4 for collecting ditto? (The price one has to pay to get one's second season fix of Boston Legal I suppose.)

Boston Legal

In other news

Did I mention I'd seduced She who must be adored into taking the day off? Instead of doing things in one swell Foop, as it were, when she got back from Dr Fang I lurched from Forbidden Planet as far as the (non) West Quay Waterstones via Evesham (where I drooled over their ludicrously tiny (non) Mac Mini Intel Core 2 Duo machine). The case is 5cm high:

Mini PC

I was less impressed with this (exact) quote from their web site By combing all your entertainment needs into one clever, stylish case! however. Unless I missed the fur on the case.

Anyway, today's literary haul?

7 December 2006