2011 — 25 March: Friday

It feels as if my sleep debt1 has finally been repaid. There's a fresh cuppa to hand, some glorious music (Purcell's "Dido's lament") on BBC Radio 3, and some supplies shopping to tackle before I get very much older. The sun is shining and the sky is blue.

It's only 09:20 and I've also met a new word already: "Munted". I have an enquiry out to its sender (unusually, Big Bro). Though it's not impossible that young Brack may have a clue given its hemisphere of origin. Update: "Stuffed."

The possibility exists...

... that it may be Spring. I have therefore disinterred a pair of shorts.

If I remain unable to lay my hands on the mini-DVI to DVI Adapter I bought precisely four years ago (and, given the ever-rising entropy hereabouts, I fear that's quite likely) I shall just have to buy another one. It's for linking the 24" iMac (or giant iPod) to the 60" plasma screen that it now sits next to. Grrr. [Pause] Hah! Found it about two inches down in the first crate I inspected. It was even still attached to a nice, long DVI cable, too. Result!

Indeed, there's been another result. I'm now running Snow Leopard 10.6.7 after yet another 300+ MB of updates slurped down the line. I'm getting hungry (it is, after all, now 13:57) so I shall adjourn for a spot of lunch. Almost time to catch the Mark Kermode film programme, come to think of it.

This amused me... somewhat. It seems you can't trust anything you find on this Interweb thingy.

It's amazing...

... what you can find while looking for something else:


I bought this stereo radio-recorder in August 1972. And, as I mentioned here, heart surgeon Magdi Yacoub worked with a slightly later model in his operating theatre. I'm sorry to say I know it was a later model because the design of the volume control had been modified.

I first became aware...

... of what could fairly be characterised as "idiocies" in aspects of the West's economic system and policies at about the time of the Club of Rome report published as "The limits to growth". So it's a bit of a downer to find the following question still being asked today, nearly 40 years later:

Do you suspect that the idea of perpetual economic growth on a finite planet is folly?

Folly would indeed be one word for it! (Link.)

For by no means the first time, I'm reminded of a fine drawing by my underground comix hero Ron Cobb. If you click it, you should be able to read the small print on the control panel:

The insanity of perpetual growth

It dates from 1969 and appears in his 1970 collection "Raw Sewage".



1  Silly though it undoubtedly was to get tense over the sale of dear Mama's house, that's just the way I am. One of us has to, and she certainly can't. ("House? What house? Where am I? Who are you?")