2011 — 24 March: Thursday

Like me, my ex-ICL Mensan chum Ian1 enjoys puns and also creating Spoonerisms to entertain his German friends. One of the best I came up with (though, annoyingly, only after Christa was no longer here to hear it, dammit) is here. It applies again today. But breakfast comes first, as does a second cuppa. It's 08:32 and getting sunnier as the mist burns off.

Next thing you know...

... it's already time (16:40) for the next Beethoven symphony (#7 — the slow movement of which is quite possibly my favourite), the Chilgrove walk (7.3 miles or so, a little way east of Petersfield) having been walked, one lousy little meadow full of wild daffodils admired, the pub lunch (Heart of Oak) lunched, the pint of Guinness shandy much enjoyed in the glorious sunshine, and the return journey2 made without incident. Plus a quick shower to freshen up and a nice hot cuppa.

Smoke and mirrors

This PDF file of the UK budget report is interesting, but I'm not sure I would still have the will to live were I to read it enough times to understand it all. Hindsight seems to be marvellously clear. Did you know "over the pre-crisis decade" we managed to become the most indebted nation on the planet? Clever us.

Who needs a dominatrix...

... with signposts like this?


My first walk here was in January 2008. You can see three of the old codgers here :-)

My "24x7" Spanish online bank has now been offline for over two hours this evening. It seems a bit late for a siesta. It's 22:20 and I'm thinking of calling it a day.



1  Impossibly, our acquaintance dates back to 1974, which makes at least one of us quite old :-)
2  Though I now know the new dominatrix is no use at spotting when 30 mph limits pop in and out despite the most recent map data upgrade.