2008 — 21 June: Saturday

Another placeholder — it's "only" 00:17, but (again) I'm ready for sleep. Tonight's picture shows Christa the happy new Mum:

Christa the happy new Mum, 1980

Less than 24 hours to the summer solstice! G'night.


... is the accompaniment to breakfast. I've also taken another hack at the vine (finally found some secateurs, though I suspect they weren't the "current" pair) to keep the ant highway in the sky somewhat away from the kitchen window, and greeted Mr Postie...

Two DVDs

Busy day, considering it's only 10:25! I'll be heading over to Winchester for lunch, though (given the watery nature of the air) its venue may possibly shift slightly. Annie Nightingale is waxing lyrical about a solar eclipse — London, in 2151, is the next locally. I'll give that one a miss, I think.

I shall try not to miss The Devil Girl from Mars, (Patricia Laffan) however. There's a clue here.

"Good God!"... dept.

Sport is already being made of the story here, that starts "Officials in the US state of Massachusetts are investigating how 17 teenage girls from the same school have become pregnant."

"Midwich Cuckoos" anybody?

Some time later...

It's shortly after 20:08 and time for a small bite to eat. The afternoon lunch / barbecue was quite an extended affair and was followed by a trip down into Shirley and a tiny spot of PC consultancy — blind leading the blind, if you ask me, but mission successfully accomplished. Good job I'm retired!

Christa worked hard on getting me to smile, over the years. I captured a not particularly successful example last September. And an even earlier example the previous March. Now I'm no judge of these things, but I did promise her, a fortnight before she died, that I'd do my best to smile and laugh again. Today's effort:

DCM smiling