2007 — 22 October: hazards hardly perceived

Time now (00:43) and I'm very depressed at how hard I've been finding the mock driving hazard perception tests I've been working through this evening (after a delicious supper in the bungalow) compared with the mock driving theory tests. Indeed, I'm predicting abject failure so far, but it's time to shut the brain down for a while.

A hazard may be simply defined, but picking them out of the low-quality video clips from fixed viewpoint camera cars driving rapidly along busy streets in good time is proving to be a major eye and brain ache. As, indeed, I'm sure it is in real life road conditions. I now realise I should have played Junior's PC games instead of spurning them all except the Sega console bird shooting1 one from over 15 years ago.

Perhaps the morning (08:07) cuppa will liven my performance up?

Today's driving forecast

If it's not driving rain then maybe a little gentle pootle around some of the back streets of Chandlers Ford?

Mirabile dictu I have passed the Theory Test. I got 50 out of a possible 50 on the theory bit, and a not as bad as I'd feared 60 out of a possible 75 on the hazard perceptions bit. I also got out 5 minutes before I was due to go in, as they kindly took me straight in and I seem to have raced through the 57 minute part of the proceedings in about 8 minutes. Honestly, doesn't Time fly when you're enjoying yourself?

I'm somewhat taken aback to note that a would-be driving instructor is required to get 57 out of 75, so I'm actually quite pleased. And a short afternoon pootle took me to a petrol shop and a fly-by Roger and Eileen just to say the briefest of "hellos" before heading off to the General to say "hello, love" to She whom I love. And taking Her the "Money" supplement from Saturday's Guardian at Her request.

Shall I show Her my new M&S shoes, I wonder? A mere £39-50 if you please. She approved.

Surgical decision

On Saturday we had a couple of options outlined to us. We heard this afternoon that the morning meeting of the multidisciplinary team has chosen the simpler, minor, surgery to fit what is basically a pressure relief valve in Her tum. This should mean She can be at home for a while instead of having to be in hospital with tubes and drips. So, fingers crossed for as early as tomorrow, in fact. She's on the "emergency" list, which means if (say) there's a pile-up on the motorway, or a terrorist attack, Her surgery will be postponed. Let us hope for a clear, peaceful, night in the catchment area (if that's the term) of the General.



1  I enjoyed watching the birds change into cooked chickens that fell from the sky when "winged".