2007 — 21 October: lonely icy Sunday

Time now (08:02) and it's another frozen start to the day though the sun is out in full glory. The new gas fire in the living room is doing its job too, thank goodness. The first cuppa of the day is at my side here (indeed, it's already on its way down), and the Mounce family unit has of course now been decremented by Junior's departure yesterday evening...

Farewell Aygo

... shortly after I'd topped up the Aygo's fuel tank1 on our rather sad way back from the hospital, though there are a few melancholy bits and bobs from the Aygo on the living room floor to be tidied away in due course.

It's now coming up to 9 o'clock. I've just rung Her room but got no reply. I'm sure there's an innocent explanation.2 Let's go get some breakfast and not panic, heh, David?

Today's driving forecast

I haven't given it a thought, to be honest. Perhaps after the numbness has worn off? Or maybe I should concentrate on my Theory Test revision for tomorrow's session for a change? I've now taken 40 of the "Mock Tests" and it's starting to look as if I have a Bad Attitude. How can that be?!

Mock Test results

Yep. No driving today, but I have transferred into the Yaris our little "petrol" book covering both the BMW Mini Cooper S and the Aygo. Goodness me, we're getting through cars lately.

What's next?

Well, I rang Junior to confirm he arrived OK last night. And I've just talked (12:40) to She who must be adored, too. Hearing Her voice does wonders for my appetite and general sense of wellbeing, trust me. So, as it's Trafalgar Day, I'm now about to heave (in)to action down in the kitchen, and also put in a washing machine load. A chap has to eat, and dress in reasonably fresh-smelling clothes, it seems. Plus I don't want any complaints when I eventually get Her home, though I suspect that may yet be quite a while away.

She only went and told me the wrong program setting for the washing machine, silly girl! Still, I have another item or two for it after this afternoon's visit, so I shall exercise my skills (and see if I can't find the ruddy manual for it). She's doing OK at the moment, and is firmly convinced I shall pass tomorrow's Theory Test, too!

Her brother Karl rang at about 18:30. Let's hope he understood my instructions on how to dial Christa's room. Final adventure for today: nip up into the better-illuminated loft to retrieve the stuff I won't now be using up there for a while. (I have another three lights to fit, but they will have to wait a while now.) Call that an adventure? Well, it is when you're alone in the house, I guess. Call me a cautious custard, but I even took one of the cordless phones up with me — of course, not the one with all the useful numbers plumbed into it, but I didn't realise that at the time. Nearly time to put on my best bib and tucker for supper over the road. Tomorrow's problems and alarums can just get along without me for a while. By the way, BBC Radio 3 looks interesting at 22:15 tonight, if I'm still awake, which is by no means certain.



1  It occurs to me that it may be a long while before we see that car in its new home. The thought is not a joyous one, so I refuse to countenance it.
2  Happily, there was. It involves further use of the washing machine sometime later today and Her room's phone being temporarily out of reach in the corner.