2007 — 20 September: once more unto the night GP

Four o'clock this morning was, sadly, a virtual re-run of last Thursday. I suppose one way of looking at this is that we're slowly getting to know all the GPs who work the out-of-hours service in this neck of the woods, and a busy lot they are, too. Once I had let him in past the sleepy wasp on sentry duty on our porch light, our gentleman caller this morning calmly and successfully back-flushed the ailing catheter to restore more or less normal service, though he did warn us we may yet need a new one fitted.1 The radiation is obviously stirring up a bit of a hornets' nest by way of blood and débris. I do hope the bad guys are packing their bags and heading for the sign marked "Egress" (for those of you who remember PT Barnum's story).

Now, after a later reassuring phone chat with a duty GP at a far more civilised hour, I'm working on the rest of the problems by upping one of the occasional meds, and I'm (we're both) hoping the morning steroids will start to hammer the inflammation again. Of course, the root cause may well be a touch of the "You overdid it again, didn't you, yesterdays?" which would be almost good in a way. She certainly felt well and was quite active yesterday, but we're balancing the energy books this morning (10:25) with a vengeance.

It's a mercy we have a one-day break from the radiation while they rewind our particular machine's rubber band (or whatever they do for a 20,000 rad service these days).

Thank you for comments made about yesterday's photos. And I note that, after a dull and wet start, the sun is now (temporarily2) shining!

A District nurse

Has just come round to flush, but has ended up fitting a new, catheter. (Last night's GP seemed visibly quite relieved not to have to undertake that particular delicate procedure — they don't get quite as much opportunity to practise their skills in that area, it appears. But we are both very keen to avoid a re-run of last night as it wouldn't leave either of us in a very good state to go and catch tomorrow's dose of radiation.)

Not impressed in Badger Farm

The Sainsburys there refers to itself as a "superstore." But they do not bake the "well-fired" bread that we like, and that I generally buy from their store in Eastleigh. "Oh, yes" says the Badger Farm baker, "we do get sent the labels, but we've never baked that here." So this is obviously a new meaning of "superstore" (in my opinion). But, to be fair, they do stock a great range of cat food, so my sterling chauffeur was well-pleased...



1  They are (understandably) quite reluctant to change them once in place because they are very prone to infections that merely add to the general level of woe.
2  Turns out I should have highlighted the word "temporarily" of course. We ran through what my driver referred to as "hurty rain" on the way back through Hursley this afternoon (read on for details of this retail misadventure) so it was a good job we weren't riding in "Charlee".