2007 — 19 September: steady as She glows

Just a precious few spare minutes while we wait for the ambulance to take us to this morning's radiation treatment.1 Just time, therefore, for that universal panacea, another cup of tea. At least today's crossword isn't littered with palindromes.

Although the night was interrupted twice, we both of us managed a fair whack of sleep in between. Pain is largely under control at the moment, thank whoever / whatever / Big Pharmacy. Speaking of which, click the pic for a snap of Her current drugs stash!

Her drugs chart

The chart here is my attempt to keep track of them all. Scuse me, in fact, while I remind Her about a paracetamol topup — She often forgets.

Many years ago... department

Back in 1975, almost exactly a year after we got married, Christa and I finally took our first real holiday away together. Until then, we'd been too poor (sob!) or too busy visiting my mother (who had a very rough 1974/75 as my Dad's final illness took him away from us) or too busy working hard to establish me2 as a writer in ICL and Christa as an invaluable German conversation assistant in Royal Holloway College, University of London or away in Germany visiting Her family and friends. So this was tantamount to a long-delayed honeymoon, I guess. And it was pretty magical, too, I assure you.

I also used to kid myself I had some small talent as a photographer. So, see if you can guess who this is, and exactly where (during that holiday) She was standing at the time! Click the pic for more contextual detail. And forgive the hand-held shot in terrible light...

Sunset at Lands End

I also carried the following pictures (from 1974) in my wallet for many years, hence their somewhat battered appearance; just call me sentimental, I guess.

DCM in 1974 CHM in 1974


1  One of the entries on the Radiotherapy FAQ asks "Will I glow in the dark?" The answer given is "No. But you'll be able to make jokes about it!"
2  With some success, I suppose. By the end of 1977 I was the manager of the Publications department I'd joined as the callow youth you can see here.