2007 — 18 September: steady as a (Northern) Rock

Now that we know more or less what to expect, I'm delighted to report that today's radio-therapy session went very smoothly. (We get Thursday off this week, by the way, because even linear accelerators need an occasional service, it seems!) Tomorrow I'm to pick up her next set of EPO syringes from the hospital pharmacy. Her blood values and kidney function are both "pretty good". I like the sound of that. But now, before the surgery shuts at lunchtime, I shall walk down in the cool crisp sunshine and pick up the next batch of prescriptions. Here we go again!

It's a small world, indeed... department

Waiting for "our" usual lads from the ambulance transport to whisk us smoothly home, I was astonished to see (and delighted to be able to shake the hand of) Roy Bolton, with whom I shared my first office1 in IBM Hursley back in June 1981. He's looking hale and hearty.

My readers...

... are a literate lot. Back on 29th August I (slightly!) misquoted an AA Milne poem. It was the Dairymaid, not the Chambermaid. My apologies, Gillian! But at least, thanks to Mrs Google, I've also now seen a lovely variant:

The King asked the Queen and the Queen asked the Gardener,
"Could we have some compost for the Royal Flower Bed?"
"Certainly!" the Gardener said.
"I'll go and ask the cow, now, before she leaves the shed."

Unknown, but possibly in a gardening book

Given that clue, I skimmed speedily through Sellar and Yeatman's Garden Rubbish and other country bumps (1936) but no joy.



1  I remember him telling me all those years ago that he then had 13 years until his retirement. He grinned widely when I told him I'd retired early.