2007 — 24 August: two difficult days

After two days of pain, it's definitely time to call in the GP and cavalry again. They open for business at 08:15, I sincerely hope... They do, (they did) and help will be on its way at lunchtime today, thank goodness!

OK, much better. I must say, we have an awesomely efficient local medical team hereabouts. No fuss, matter-of-fact practical assistance and competent assessment of medical and other needs. Plus a lift down to the local chemist, for heaven's sake. And people say the NHS is broken.

So, where are we now? We have yet another pair of meds (well, three, actually, but the third is sufficiently costly that neither local chemist keeps it in stock). That's the first time I've been sent home with an "IOU"! I should be able to pick it up tomorrow any time after noon, but please bear in mind that they close at 13:00! We're also going to start getting good ol' local authority Meals on Wheels which is an incredible load off my mind, frankly. No more of this constant "What can I get, and make Her to eat?" And "Where do I get it from?" And "How do I best get there?" And "Do I actually know how to cook that?" and (as if by magic) some small part of the background anxiety yammer that I wasn't getting enough good nourishment into Her fades away. Thank you, Eastleigh Social Services. It costs. So what?

Birdie crossings

In happier news, I am indebted to my ex-colleague John S for the following arcane information:

Pelican crossing is really PE-LI-CON (Pedestrian light controlled).
Puffin crossing (is  P-U-F-In Pedestrian User Friendly Intelligent crossing)
Toucan crossing (I believe is "Two can" cross - i.e. pedestrians and cyclists ...  sensors detect the approach of both).

Who would have thunk it? Zebra, however, is obviously a stripe of a different pyjama! Plus, Junior arrives later tonight — best not chain the front door, heh? Oh, and all five cats successfully fed while their "owners" stock up on continental delicacies. Cats obviously have a very different attitude to life from we mere humans. They don't do the washing up, either.